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Added: 30/03/2011 - 12:29AM
Updated: 11/05/2011 - 01:44AM

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PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!

please make sure you have the required files for all the morphs to appear as intended.

Time brings change and i have moved on to different games. I'll keep my morphs here for people who might want this but i will not be doing any more dragon age 2 morphs nor updating/debugging . thanks all for the downloads and the comments.

NOTE: my morphs lean very strongly on aesthetics and not lore. so npcs might not look like how you expect them/ want them to lore wise.


update 4/30/11 version 1.7

if you like the mod dont forget to endorse = )


I want to thank Bioware for making Dragon Age and Dragon Age 2. However it seems i always get disappointed with their generic npc character faces. So i decided to make some changes to make the immersion a bit better for me. I would like to share my work with you guys.

In my morphs I try my best to bring out how the character should look like (within the realities/limits set by the dragon age world).

Subtle changes on some npcs ( some just need a stubble color change, eye color change, etc ).

Also some files are just for npcs that you will never interact with but are just seen walking around but needed to be changed because they simply did not fit in or were not given a realistic look.


just unzip to your override folder. select the files u want to replace for your npcs.

Latest update is version 1.7 please make sure to include the Eface.erf file in your override folder. these are for the some of the npc's using the Eface file as a reference.


make sure you have these mods in your override folder. some morphs may not show up as intended if you don't have these.

Tummy_Za's 'Scar skins' mod
Chargen Revamp by trufflesduval

The Exiled Prince DLC

DA2 NPC presets by marquisondore
LOTC eyelash fix by marquiseondore
LOTC eye texture by marquiseondore
LOTC hair tints by marquiseondore

Special Thanks to marquiseondore for the :
Mop Modding using the PYGFF Editor Tutorial.

I was fumbling my way trying to do mopping myself and you have made it so much easier.

My other Face Mods
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