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Changes the character creator options to elf options for both male and female and changes the family to elves.

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I loved the way elves looked in Dragon Age 2 so I threw this mod together so i could play as an elf. Then i decided to add other classes and add genders so everyone who wanted to could.

-Ability to play as an elf
-Customizable in chargen and presets
-Bethany, Carver, Leandra and Gamlen are now elves
-Starter clothing, underwear and champion clothing changed to fit the bodies (Will do more clothes if i can find a way to do it without messing up NPCs)

Bugs (Don't worry nothing that can't be avoided)
-Some tattoos with show up as a black face but most are fine
-If you change the eye or nose shape in chargen then it will switch to a human face but you can still use the other sliders on nose and eyes
-Robe and gloves on mages make clip a bit on the starter clothes but you can just take off the gloves

-H4lfD3ad for the mod
-MikeFightNight for inspiring me to make this

Please report any other bugs.