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Retexture of the Warden Armor to resemble that of the DA:Origins trailers.

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(4/22/2011) - Finally added the female version! I didn't forget you guys. ;) I also added some texture fixes/improvements here and there on the male version, sword, and shield. And included armor model replacers that all classes can use. Please let me know what you think, and endorse if you like it so others can find it. Thanks!

(4/19/2011) - Fixed the WCA Replacer File. Thanks to N1X0R2K for pointing this out! Apparently I must have uploaded the wrong file, sorry about that! I think this is probably what was causing a lot of peoples problems not getting the armor/weapons to appear in-game. While I was at it I also fixed the helmet glitch by changing it to a "close-faced helm". Let me know if there are any more problems like this and I'll fix them as soon as I can. Again, sorry for the mix-up!

(4/12/2011) - Added Version 2.0. Repackaged armor and weapons into one file. Major overhaul of textures. Added a lot more detail and improved specularity. Please let me know what you think.

(4/8/2011) - Added an all-in-one replacer for the Warrior Champion Armor also, but it is not recommended because of a glitch in the helmet. For some reason the helmet model does not want to properly replace the Champion helmet. It leaves parts of the head model protruding through the helm. For that reason, I would recommend using the Blood Dragon Armor replacer instead of this one, unless you plan on hiding the helmet in the options menu anyway.

(4/6/2011) - Because someone was having compatibility problems with the BDA Replacer mod and the Sword and Shield replacer from this mod, I added an optional file that will replace the Blood Dragon Armor with the Warden's Armor, and also the Fadeshear Sword and Lion of Orlais Shield with sword and shield from this mod. You will still need to download the armor and weapon textures from the main file section. The optional mod just changes the armor and weapon "models".

(4/5/2011) - Sword and shield textures added by request. They replace the Warden's sword model and the metal round shield, but I added an optional file that will replace the "Fadeshear" sword and the "Lion of Orlais" shield.

(4/2/2011) - Uploaded new version. Small changes and fixes. Added new griffon emblem.


This was more or less a project just to see if I could do it, but afterward I figured I'd share the results with you guys until someone can put together something better. My goal here was to get the armor as close as possible to the one the Warden wears in the Dragon Age: Origins trailers, mainly "Warden's Calling". It's far from perfect, but hopefully somebody else can get some use out of it. Let me know what you think.

Please see the included ReadMe file for all the new installation instructions.

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