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Customizable, eliminates prereqs for abilities.

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At its "fullest" level, this customizable mod eliminates all level requirements, "points in X" requirements, and skill/ability prereqs for abilities. This means that you can, for example, get Galvanism (the Primal "mastery" ability) whenever you want, without being level 7, having 7 points in primal, or having Tempest and Petrify.

This is customizable, allowing any combination of the following:
* No Level or Point Requirements
* No Ability Prerequisites
* Cooldowns (for all abilities) cut in half

This file is meant to go with its other half, here: http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=2407 -- it gives ALL companions and Hawke access to all their class trees, specializations, and character specializations (so not only would Bethany have access to Primal, Blood Mage, Spirit Healer, and Force Mage, but also Vengeance and Dalish Pariah!)

Put ONE of the files in your "Documents"\Bioware\Dragon Age 2\packages\core\override folder.

PS: A note about compatibility, from the comments thread:

Different abi_base files can work together IF

1) They are made "responsibly" -- that is, the modder only alters the lines he or she needs to alter, not including other lines in the resulting file.

2) They are named appropriately (abi_base_name.gda) and short (long names seem to screw this up)

3) They don't edit the same line.

All of my mods work together (for example, my assassin rebalance and potion fix mods both work together and with this, despite all of them altering abi_base). However, this will NOT work with "Cooldown Tweaks," which is why I offer a half-cooldown option.