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Doubles the Cooldown for enemy Assassins\' stealth sneak attack.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who tore out some hair fighting the templar hunter in tranquility, or the two assassins at the docks. On my second playthrough, I tried a much more damage-oriented party and had no trouble with them, even on Nightmare, but one shouldn't have to cater his or her skills for just one particularly troublesome enemy type.

This mod simply doubles the cooldown time for the assassins' (all enemy assassin-types) stealth sneak-attack. It was 15-20 seconds before! 30-40 seconds is much more reasonable, IMO, giving you time to disable them or burn them down between blinks (which also drops their threat tables, WAI).

If people want it, I can release a different version that instead cuts their damage in half, for those of you frustrated that they don't obey threat rules when they blink out, and love to pop in an instagib your squishies ;)

This file IS compatible with other modifications of abi_base.gda, assuming that those files are made responsibly (only include the lines they mean to change) and don't alter the creature assassins' abilities. It's certainly compatible with my own abi_base-based mods. In fact, it pairs well with my Enemy Potion rebalance mod.

If you don't know the drill: Put it in your "Documents"\Bioware\Dragon Age 2\packages\core\override folder.