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Champions armor that upgrades as you increase in level. (All classes)

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After making it to the city (kirkwall gallows) you are given a set of champs armor you have selected for your class. (mage/warrior/rogue) The armor is real and increases in stats as you level.

*Read* (Don't worry about this if you don't use devconsole)

Also, if you decided to use "Runscript addxp" and jump several levels the armor will think you only leveled once, so for instance you jump from level 1 too 5 the armor will think you leveled once and increases to level 2.

All files include the evolving script, so just download the file for you class.


Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\packages\core\override

If you want all three armor's, download all the files and rename each rewards file as such *dosn't matter the order* (rewards1.gda rewards2.gda rewards3.gda)