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DA2 Tat Pack and Skins for use in the CC.

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** Update - Well, this little file is still getting downloads and endorsements it seems. I am glad for all of the support this mod has gotten, but I need to let everyone know, that as of this time, I won't be offering much in the way of support or updates. Life has a way of interfering, and for now, I won't be modding anytime soon.

WYLDTATS COMPLETE: Alright, the new file contains all of the WyldTats and Skins stuff to date with a chargenmorph. I have left all of the individual packs under the old versions section for download for those that want the individual packs.

If you already have all of the packs, then there is no need to download the complete version, as there is nothing new in it.

Just unzip the folder, and follow the installation instructions as found below.

If you are using the chargen revamped or another chargenmorph, then follow the instructions as found below on how to edit the chargen to get the tats and skins to work.

Update - Tummy_Za's scars get smeared! Someone recommended seeing if we could make this happen, I spoke with Tummy, and it seems we can!

Under the optional files, you can now find some of Tummy_Za's scars with the "smeared" blood smear. All credit for those skins and scars goes to Tummy, all we did was add our smear.

Thanks to Tummy for the okay on this, and enjoy everyone!

I will work on getting the update set up with the chargen revamped, until then, just follow the manual editing instructions found below.

Much like our smeared skins, you can mix and match these skins with your favorite tats.

A quick note...the Tummy_Za skins work best with males. Technically, they can be applied to a female, but your gal may be sporting some stubble. You have been warned.

There is a new tat pack in the works...it will be done when I get some free time on my hands, but keep your eyes peeled!

Update - Old School and WyldTats: Smeared

So, we have a few new things for you.

The Old School Pack is a port of original WyldTats into DA2. Smeared is a custom blood smear made into a reworked package of basic skins. Now you can have your blood smear with a tat to boot! As well, these re-workings will not override the basic ones already in DA2.

Chargen Revamped should be updated with the Strikes Back, Old School, and Smeared packs (not certain if the Tummy Za Smeared Pack made the update):


There should not be any issues with the new packs, but if you do experience any problems, please let us know so we can get things corrected ASAP. Just add the new erfs as per the main download, add your chargen, and enjoy!

BIG NOTE: The Smeared pack were made as skins, and can be used with the tats. You can mix and match your favorite WyldTats with the smears from the comfort of the character creator.

WyldTats: Strikes Back - This pack contains somewhere in the realm of 36 tats or so (including the various combinations), and the "dark skin" issue has been removed, thanks to some work by Roma, who repackaged a few things, and helped to improve the "quality of life issues" over all with the pack.



Unzip the folder, and drop the contents into your My Documents>Bioware>Dragon Age 2>Packages>Core>Override folder.

If you have any mods that use a chargen, you will probably need to combine or manually edit the chargenmorph files.

Special Thanks:

Some of the tats are based on various sci-fi fantasy sources, some are based on the work of artists at elfwood.com and deviantart, some are based on freely available images found online, and a few are originals.

As well, for the original design for the blood dragon style tat, all credit goes here (it was a pain to recreate, but worth it):


And a big thanks to Beeto and Roma, without whom this mod may not have ever been released!

Enjoy and game on!!!

Manually Editing the Chargenmorph:

Alright, just a quick note, but for a full on rocking guide, check Roma's Tat Colors mod, because there is a full blown tutorial there. But, just for a basic rundown -

Right click on your chargen of choice, and choose the "Open With" or "Edit" option, scroll down to the section located near the bottom, and after the last tattoo listed, add the following lines, then click save:

This method will add my tats to any pre-existing chargenmorph, but be sure to add my tat erf to the override folder.

As for the smeared skins, just scroll down a little further in the chargen and find the section, and add the following much like you did with the tats:

As for the Tummy_Za scars with the smeared option: