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Sexy, Fair Skinned Isabela. Customize her to your liking with 12 new faces and 4 new body variants to choose from! ***UPDATED v2***

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This is a complete revamp of my Fair Skinned Isabela. She is by far my favorite companion in DA2, you can't deny this busty, sexy pirate wench has it goin on! I just cant get enough of her, so I updated the old version and added...

1. New skin and face tones that match perfectly.
2. New more realistic skin textures and skin shine to match the faces.
3. Detailed new color variations for both the first and secondary outfits, without straying too far from the originals.
4. Amazing Cleavage. ;)


1. Install your choice of BOTH a new body and face file (must be first/second outfit matching.

2. Place them BOTH in your Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age 2/packages/core/override folder.

3. If you want to swap the first outfit for the second, install the Isabela Outfit Swap file as well.

4. Start Dragon Age 2 and enjoy!

Known Issues:

1. Getting slightly aroused upon seeing the new Isabela for the first time.
Other than that, this is a flawless integration so no issues whatsoever. ;)