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Replaces the black hair tint with a bluer black, a less brown tint.

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I... have issues with color, specifically black hair colors in games.. I could never find a black hair tint that I liked, and it bothered me that the black hair tint ingame looks brown to me. So I bit the bullet, did some kicking around in the toolset, and made my own.

This replaces the default black hair tint with one that is a more cool (bluer) tone, which is more to my liking. Since someone asked for it, I thought I might as well upload it for anyone else who might like it.

A port of my DA1 mod! A bit trickier, but I have it working. The problem was less pronounced here, but still bugged me.

Pick EITHER Version 1 OR Version 2. Do not use both.
Extract the file BlackHairIsBlack.erf from either V1 or V2 to:
My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\packages\core\override

Delete the file BlackHairIsBlack.erf

Change log:
2.0 - Release for DA2
2.1 - Added V2, fixed stubble for V1

Hair tint modding:
This post has my findings on editing custom DA1 hair tints for DA2, using GFF editor.