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08 Crummy trade

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"I haven't always been a doctor … crummy trade." 
[« Je n'ai pas toujours pratiqué la médecine, cette merde. »]
Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Death on the Installment Plan (Mort à crédit), 1936.

Aveline: You do have [very wealthy] friends, Fenris.

"It offends us beyond forgiving when we discover that where we were convinced we 
were loved we were in fact regarded only as a piece of household furniture and room 
decoration for the master of the house to exercise his vanity upon before his guests."
[Es beleidigt unversöhnlich, zu entdecken, daß man dort, wo man überzeugt war geliebt 
zu sein, nur als Hausgerät und Zimmerschmuck betrachtet wurde, an dem der Hausherr 
vor Gästen seine Eitelkeit auslassen kann.]
Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human II, 74 Bitterest error (Bitterster Irrtum) [looping time].

"They forecast for back-doors to come in and out by undiscovered. Sliding windows also, 
and trap-boards in floors, to hide whores behind and under, with false counterfeit panes 
in walls, to be opened and shut like a wicket. Some one gentleman generally acquainted 
they give his admission unto sans fee, & free privilege thenceforward in their nunnery, 
to procure them frequentance. Awake your wits, grave authorized law-distributors, and 
show yourselves as insinuative subtle in smoking this city-Sodoming trade out of his 
starting-holes as the professors of it are in underpropping it. Either you do not, or will not, 
descend into their deep-juggling legerdemain. Any excuse or unlikely pretext goes for 
payment. In another corner inhabiteth a physician and a conjurer, who hath corners and 
spare chambers to hide carrion in, and can conjure up an unphysical drab at all times."
Thomas Nashe, Christ’s Tears Over Jerusalem. A Iove Musa [her brothel is nunnery], 1593.

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