Dragon Age 2
07 The human thing is vanity

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"The thing most vulnerable and yet the most unconquerable is human vanity: indeed, 
its strength increases, and can in the end become gigantic, through being wounded."
[Das verwundbarste Ding und doch das unbesiegbarste ist die menschliche Eitelkeit: 
ja, durch die Verwundung wächst seine Kraft und kann zuletzt riesengroß werden.]
F. Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human II, 46 The human thing in itself (»Ding an sich«).

Hawke to Fenris: Not a chance.

"This should solace your pathetic death: you fall by the right hand of great Aeneas."
[Hoc tamen infelix miseram solabere mortem: Aeneae magni dextra cadis.]
Virgil, Aeneid, Book X, line 830. [Diocletian: Gloriare Aper, Aeneae magni dextra cadis.]

Arishok's Glory demon begets deflated bragger on Fenris, because Danarius never appears. 
Isabela delivers through Fenris their Tevinter treasuries to invest on teammates' armament.