Dragon Age 2
Little Wolf

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  1. denzel4444
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    What a Chin
  2. cormell
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    Hey There! I saw you skulking about with a few endorsements lately, So I knew you were around. Good to hear from you again. I haven't played DA2, so I will be looking forward to your posts -- as always.
    1. Xazomn
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      yeah playing games last few weeks & always around on nexus

      That you found me here , i played all of it, 1,2 & 3 and dlc's so many times , i spent a lot of my time in fallout games creating,screenshots, you know how it works in Fallout. That's a hangout for me. Most hours i spent playing games like Mass Effect & Dragon Age

      Okay i made a overhaul for this one and some personal face texture and the mouth