Vinna 23 Yours is the Earth and everything

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"The sea's a kittle cast, as I tell my daughter, puir thing, when I want her to get up her spirits; 
the sea, says I, Jenny, is as uncertain a calling"—
Sir Walter Scott, The Antiquary, Book II, Chapter 9.

Ghost in the Shell, Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG — I do

"—they say, keep a thing seven year, an’ yell aye find a use for’t—
and maybe I may need the cove, either for mysell, or for some ither body."
Sir Walter Scott, The Antiquary, Book I, Chapter 21.

Flemeth & Marathari proximity makes Isabela infertile as other efforts prove.
Spirit of Chaos goes ahead & takes command; flirty Vinna shall meet up later.

Hollywood Undead — Pigskin

"Oh," he says quickly, "the King keeps no cats that don’t catch mice. She must sail the seas."
Rudyard Kipling, Rewards and Fairies, The Wrong Thing, 1910. 
["I’d sail this hooker the wide world round!"]

Mirror of the past, Vinna rushes Isabela delivery of her brother Duncan to Zevran.
Aveline's touch swaps: King Cailan Therin for Keran & dumps Wesley over Cullen.