Vinna 21 Decrees of Fate

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"They straighten him out with threats and blows as if he were a twisted, bent piece of wood."
Plato, Protagoras, 325d.

Delain (Milk and Honey) — Bring Back the Pain [Resident Evil]

Castillon: Our business is hereby concluded. Forever. 

Flemeth arrived with Leliana & moves through lesbians Sebastian & Elthina, unto Meredith.
Emile de Launcet is jailed in Castillon's ship with a bomb Meredith intends for King Alistair.

[Resident Evil 7, main theme] — Go Tell Aunt Rhody
[J.-J. Rousseau, Le Devin du Village (Village Soothsayer), Scene 8: Pantomime, 1752.]

Isabela: I wouldn't miss that for the world.
"If a person has no delicacy, he has you in his power, for you necessarily feel some towards him; and since he will take no denial, you must comply with his peremptory demands, or send for a constable, which out of respect for his character you will not do. These persons are also poor—light come, light go—and the bubble bursts at last."
William Hazlitt, Remains, II [facility in borrowing money ruined these sturdy beggars].

Red Jenny Charade is ready to end Sebastian Vael who had Flint merceneries kill his family.
Her clever ad throws suspicions on Crows; Isabela must tryst Zevran, who executes Anders.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 — Moira Burton

"He speaks of three Fates or of a single Destiny which, in obedience to the nod of authority from divine minds, arranges three things: the beginnings, the intervening parts, and the ends of all things. But in an earlier book he says that those things determined by the decrees of fate are similar to wood that is prepared at the fire by being either straightened or twisted; for just as this wood can no longer be bent in another direction, so it is with regard to what has been decreed by fate."
Marsilio Ficino, Commentary on Epinomis, trans. Arthur Farndell, 2009, p. 166.

Vinna shall abandon deceased Fenris' tools to Isabela's untoward greediness.
Flemeth, Chasind male maleficar, shall find ultimate lodgment there & forever.