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"I am distressed for thee, my brother Jonathan: very pleasant hast thou been unto me: 
thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women."
2 Samuel 1:26, King James Bible [How have the mighty fallen in the midst of the battle!]

Ben Cocks feat. Nikisha Reyes-Pile (...As Heard In) — So Cold (The Good Wife trailer)

"A man and wife fighting, last Saturday night
He was going to hit her a 'Buster'
When I rushed in and took the brick out of his hand
And lent him a knuckle-duster." 
Billy Bennett, The Sergeant's Overcoat.

From Old Tevinter Gods, powerful spirits were split apart by GW taint of elf design.
Vinna undertakes to collect them & unite harmonious compound, called the Maker.

The All-American Rejects [Resident Evil] — I wanna

"Why then, can one desire too much of a good thing?"
William Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act IV, scene 1, line 124 [Rosalind].

Bethany => Aveline [Murder or Silence]
Anders => Vinna [Chaos or Freedom]
Flemeth => Merrill [Fire or Envy]
Fenris => Varric [Slaves or Unity]

Vinna sorely needs the Envy spirit, Danarius placed in reserve within Varania.
She manages Murder & Dragon; Envy spirit regulates conception of her child. 

Megaherz — Perfekte Droge [Black Lagoon]

"A fifth law of nature is complaisance; that is to say, that every man strive to accommodate himself to the rest. For the understanding whereof we may consider that there is in men's aptness to society a diversity of nature, rising from their diversity of affections, not unlike to that we see in stones brought together for building of an edifice. For as that stone which by the asperity and irregularity of figure takes more room from others than itself fills, and for hardness cannot be easily made plain, and thereby hindereth the building, is by the builders cast away as unprofitable and troublesome: so also, a man that by asperity of nature will strive to retain those things which to himself are superfluous, and to others necessary, and for the stubbornness of his passions cannot be corrected, is to be left or cast out of society as cumbersome thereunto... is guilty of the war that thereupon is to follow, and therefore doth that which is contrary to the fundamental law of nature, which commandeth to seek peace."
Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, Part I. Of Man, Chapter 15: Of Other Laws of Nature.

Without further ado, Fenris shall seek to subvert city guards against Aveline.
Vinna delivers service to her friend, cleaning out misfits, perverted & traitors.