“Then, pious Eneas, conformant to the fulminant firman which enjoins on the tremulose terrian that, when the call comes, he shall produce nichthemerically from his unheavenly body a no uncertain quantity of obscene matter not protected by copriright.”
James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, Part I, Episode 7.

Kaleo — Way Down We Go:

“I affirm that this slave [homo] is mine.”
[Hunc Ego Hominem Ex Iure Quiritum Meum Esse Aio Isque Mihi Emptus Esto Hoc Aere Aeneaque Libra.]
Gaius, The Institutes, Book I, 119 [mancipatio].

“More than advice and less than a command, an advice which one may not safely ignore.”
Theodor Mommsen, Romisches Staatrecht, Vol. I (1871), Graz, 1969, p. 1034 [auctoritas].

“The word auctoritas derives from the verb augere, ‘augment,’ and what authority or those in authority constantly augment is the foundation.”
Hannah Arendt, What is Authority?, Part IV, 1954 [‘auctor’ is guarantor in a mancipatio].
[André Magdelain, De l’auctoritas patrum à l’auctoritas senatus, 1990.]

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