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  • Dragon Age 2 Mage Grandmaster Save (WITH ALL HAWKE'S KEYS FULLY UPGRADED THREE-FOLD):

    Dragon Age 2 Mage Grandmaster Save: This save I consider a ‘Grandmaster Save’ in that there is an extreme possibility you won’t need any other save to recuperate any items in the inventory for this save through the editor unto any other saves… I.E.: This might be a ‘Mage’ Character, and it save is set at nearly the very beginning for your enjoyment but it is mostly a save for anyone wishing to import almost every ‘excellent/ high-graded’ conceivable item from the character’s backpack into your own character using gff editor (check online how to do this!!!).I ALSO included every conceivable Hawke’s Keys Combinations you might want/ need (again, you can import these easily through gff editor, albeit the Hawke’s Keys are a DLC add-on, from ‘Legacy’ to be exact...

  • Respective hairs on NPCs

    1. Arianni: Sky293
    2. Orana: Papaya
    3. Athenril: Luckystar
    4. Katriela: Hello
    5. Maren: Foamsummer
    6. Nyssa: Lilacfog
    7. Lia: Synthesis
    8. Porfiria: Cameron
    9. Serendipity: Sayforever
    10. Sabina: Princess
    11. Elven Fanatic: Blossomstory
    12. Variel: Sakura
    13. Vinell: Onlyyou
    14. Cora: Sunsetglow
    15. Dalish Archer: Kamill
    16. Dalish Assassin: Slowly
    17. Dalish Warrior: Soundwave
    18. Dalish Guard: Dreadlocks

    1. Dalish Guard: Joshua
    2. Jethann: Blackout
    3. Cerimon: Faux
    4. Pol: Bittersweet
    5. Junar: Roughsketch
    6. Jelden: Djinn 
    7. Tomwise: Footprint
    8. Sketch: Macho...

  • Locating Vault Bools

    When you import an Origins save into DA2, all the plot flags the game cares about are converted to a list of vault bools in your save game. You can view and edit these in pyGFF (editor.exe) by opening savegame.das and expanding 0 -> 16024 -> 17607.


    The new vault bools added by this mod start with 57 and will usually (though not always) be at the very bottom of the list.

    5741 = game was created with mod installed

    For the Keep walls to be upgraded, 5...

  • Changing the Eyes

    A few people have asked, so here are two ways to go about it, nothing complicated, I promise. 

    Method 1:

    This method consists of switching out the eye texture with something more to your taste. There are a few mods on the nexus that have unique eye textures that can be used as replacers, the ones I know of are Eyes of Glass DA2 DAO by Khylian and LOTC s Eye Textures for DA2 by marquiseondore.


    You'll need:

     -Bioware .erf Packager
    - pyGFF Editor

    Extract them both in separate folders.


    -First off, you're going to want to grab the .erf file associated with the character you want to edit, I'll go with Fenris'.(Fenris_Files.erf)

    - Open pyGFF (editor....

  • UPDATE 10/29/12 - More Customization Options, Maybe More Companions (?)


    I added a new photo in different lighting for comparison purposes (I felt most of them were dark) but she has extra mods in that photo (so fair warning if she looks slightly different in your game in terms of hair color/ eye color). I took it while I was doing a new play-through and forgot to remove my mods to take the picture. And I'm already well into Act 2, so I deleted the save *derp*

    Waiting on some permissions, and just being busy, but new hairstyles and new ginger-based (lighter reds and darker reddish tints) colors are coming. I am trying to stay away from requiring extra mods as much as possible, but I may include one that requires another mod if I think it worth making people edit their chargenmorphs and muck...