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This is a very short clip depicting Loghain as a young boy who is confronted by his mother's dead body after she was killed by the Orlesians. This was meant to be a flashback as part of a series of scenes for an adaptation for the Stolen Throne but some of the cutscene files got corrupted and will have to be remade. :(

This was made using the Dragon Age Toolset. This has come out a little darker than expected...

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  1. Phripp
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    The darkness is nice. It enhances the feeling of isolation and despair.
  2. AugustiusV
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    Very interesting. I hope you can remake the files that got corrupted without too much hassle. Loghain's backstory was fascinating and it's too bad he's generally shown as some insane monster in DA:O when, if you think about it, he didn't really do anything wrong. The idea that King Cailan was going to cheat on his daughter to marry the Orlesian empress and thus bring Ferelden back under Orlais' control and reverse all that Loghain had strived for in his life was, as anyone could image, far too much. I would have probably left Cailan behind as well if I were in Loghain's shoes. Not to mention that Loghain even gave Cailan a chance to live when he told him to stay away from the front lines at Ostagar.

    Orlais probably couldn't be trusted not to turn on the battered armies of Ferelden once the chevaliers arrived at Ostagar either. Cailan was far too arrogant and foolish to be trusted to save the nation and simultaneously keep it's independence.

    I would also argue that selling the Elves of Denerim to the Tevinter Imperium was very humane, considering that disease wracked the alienage, and the darkspawn were by that time, not too far away from Denerim, not to mention that Elves seem to have a lot more opportunities in Tevinter than Elves in Ferelden, who are forced to accept poverty and oppression their whole lives.