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This is another map I made to help warden recruit and manage their companion.

The agent in this area provides these service: 

* Hire the companion if you've already installed the support mod. Player will be asked to choose their class first (Warrior/Rogue or Mage)
* Kick the companion you don't like out of the group, those who don't get hired by the Grey Warden will sit in this area.
* Re-spec the companion to Warrior/Rogue or Mage
* Some of your companions are being haunted by boss creatures (demon, dragon, trees, etc), Talk to them or their agent in the recruit center to deal with them.

The mod "In search of Terra" was long lost, but I've managed to scratch the source code and make some appropriate changes. Now it's playable again.
Player can talk to Terra's agent (a mouse) in this area to start the story.

There are more details but it's not a suitable time to share it, for now enjoy the boss fight video I made.

         In this video, the new companion (Earth Spirit) from mod "Enigma Dungeon" is being haunted by high dragon. Warden can either talk to Earth Spirit or Agent to summon the boss.