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>awesome additions to the game from any modder. I am not so much of a "lore" guy as a lot of the weapons and armors in the recent vanilla games looked like they were drawn with a crayon by some developer's kid in Kindergarten.
>I love movie and other weapons added to the games especially Japanese, Kit Rae and LOTR stuff.
>I love mods that make the women be hot chicks including armor, clothing, body and face mods, ect.
>I love the Nexus modding community.
>the helpful people on the Nexus that will help you with questions about mods, modding, or whatever.

>mods that have begging for endorsements in their mod's description or anywhere else.....really? People are going to endorse if they like it or not, not if you beg. I am predisposed to NOT endorse if you have that. If you do and I do endorse it, it is in spite of that, not because of it. Release your work and be proud. Not everyone is going to like it. People are lazy and won't endorse sometimes. Begging won't help that.
>moronic lore trolls that feel like it is their lot in life to pa"troll" the Nexus and razz modders that don't do it exactly like the fantasy writers did. Heaven forbid some FICTION in the game doesn't match up with the main is all FICTION so get over it. A lot of us like stuff that isn't lore. Those of us who do don't care about your trolling opinion. Offer some constructive criticism or go back under your bridge.
>mods that make the females proportions ridiculous. I am not talking about the "Barbie Doll perfect" ones, I am talking about the H-cup and bigger ones. They have every right to be posted here but they are just not my thing. I don't post in those so I don't violate my own dislikes lol.
>"WIP" mods. All mods are a WIP until they are finalized, duh. I don't know why that bothers me but it does. That also includes mods that are listed as "v 0.24" and never seem to make it to v1.0 but the modder keeps working on it. I don't know why that bothers me either....just a weird quirk of mine I guess. v1.0 is not a final product, but just the start. If you don't think you mod is finished enough to be released as a "v1.0", IMO you shouldn't release it yet as there are too many problems with it. I realize this is just a form of semantics, but it still bothers me.

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