Redesign Launch - Stage 2 in progress

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We're currently implementing stage 2 of our redesign soft launch process and as such, you might experience a few oddities and/or get thrown about a bit between the old and new designs as we gradually implement the changes and stress test things.

Stage 2 is moving the domain over to the new design so by default, users will be on the new design. During this time we're still allowing users to access the old website design via

If during our stress tests we find that there are some issues that need fixing that might negatively impact the performance of the sites for all users we'll be able to switch the default domain back to the old one as necessary (after we've had enough time to identify the issue).

As such, the site might be a bit wobbly this week and into the next as we do this complex roll-out and ensure all systems are working as intended. You might experience some slowdowns as we try and maintain parity with the old system and tune our servers for the new system. If you try and access the site and it's down, or it's very slow, we likely know about the issue and are busy trying to find the cause as we actively monitor the situation. Hopefully these instances will not last longer than 15 minutes as we will switch back to the "stable" old site during these periods.

We expect to be in Stage 2 for between 1-3 weeks, during which time we will fix any bug reports that come our way via our bug tracker and use the massive new influx of traffic to the new design to profile the performance, tweak it and fine tune it so that it performs as well as (and hopefully better) than the old design did.

This is a very important stage for us as it's the first time in the entire design and implementation process where we can test the site using the complete, actual traffic from Nexus Mods users and stress test accordingly. Hopefully you can appreciate how important that is and we appreciate your patience during what will be a hard and stressful part of the process for us.

I want to once again say a massive thank you to the users who have been reporting bugs with the redesign on our bug tracker. With your help we've manage to squash 142 bugs, some big, some tiny, and your help in this area has helped to speed up the process and ensure we can offer as bug-free a transition as possible. Thank you again.


  1. Mebantiza
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    When the nexus hired the person(s) that created this appalling excuse,  apparently the only qualifications asked for were.
    Are you someone with no with no understanding, or familiarity, with best practices (at all) - Check
    Are you completely deaf, blind, and oblivious to any user input or feedback of any kind. - Check
    Are you comfortable designing a product few end-users will actually like, recommend, or want to use - Check
    Do you think windows 10 start menu represents the pinnacle of UI design and technology - Check.
    Do you completely lack a proven record, or history of any kind, in web design? Did you you study web design at Devry (or similar), learned web design by watching youtube videos? If you answered YES to any, or all these, we have an immediate opening for project lead.
  2. votemarvel
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    Well the old style site was taken down while I was at Mardi Gras, so forgive the late comment.

    The old site perhaps did look dated but it was quick to use and functional for the users of the site. The new design by the admission of the people behind it isn't ready and won't be ready until Vortex is released.

    It does seem to my eyes that the users of the site are being ignored because the people running the site believe they've gone too far to take a step back, or of course as is more likely they simply think the new design is better even in its unfinished state.

    Personally I don't think any amount of tweaking is going to make the new design as pleasant to use as the old one on a desktop PC, where the mods will actually be played. Oddly I think it is going to be easier to use the site on a smartphone and queue up mods that way. This would put me off using the site because if I am sitting at my desk I don't want to have to use my phone to find and set a mod to download, when I am sitting at the computer I am going to be playing the game on.

    However as has been mentioned before in the thread, this isn't the users site and the owners can do whatever they want to do with it. They won't even lose many visitors, if any at all, simply because there really is no alternative.
  3. SSJDudeMan
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    Guess no one managed to save the old layout into Stylish, huh?
  4. darksynth0
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    "thanks" for killing the option to use old design.
    I am now spending 95% less time on the site because of the clunky, hard-to-navigate and plain flat design.
    ^Great^ job!
    1. bdk112
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      This has been my experience as well I use to check this place regularly then all this update crap started and I forgot about it. All this does is open the door for review sites, go there find what's what then come her and download instead of surfing around and getting ad hits. (If the browser allows it)

      Funny all this started right as I was ready to go premium. Oh well.
    2. strider59
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      I myself am hardly using this site anymore. You click on a mod...look at it, then close takes you back to the first page of mods and you can't go to any other page after that. Totally killed it for me. Old design worked SO much better, and was just fine. I, and obviously EVERYONE else, thinks you should put the old site back up, and 86 this P.O.S. Trust me, you're going to lose a LOT of members.
  5. popay55
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    This new design sucks in every way, it's not practical and it's not functional.
    All of you who are responsible for this update, you are reckless and rude for not leaving the old design as a ''choice'', at least a few months until people get their mind and fingers on this awfull new layout.

    You've already failed miserably once when you changed the name of this site (from tesnexus to nexusmods) and you practicly ruined all the links everybody in this society shared among themself and on pages and now you're forcing us to use this horrible layout which is even worse.

    There's no way this site will ever get a penny out of me.
    When you start thinking about your users and modders who decided to use your site instead of other sites then you deserve support but this attitude and patern where you constantly neglect what modders and long time users have to say is not gonna be awarded by me.
    1. Dark0ne
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      All of you who are responsible for this update, you are reckless and rude for not leaving the old design as a ''choice'', at least a few months until people get their mind and fingers on this awfull new layout.

      That's exactly what we did. If you look, this news article you're posting on was added on November 15th 2017. It's been three months. We actually released the new design for people to "get their minds and fingers on" back in October 2017. So it's definitely been more than "a few months" now.

      It's a shame you feel that you need to tell us we'll never "get a penny" from you, when you've downloaded almost 1,000 mods off this site, for free. I think it's very interesting how some people can think.
    2. ross119
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      Agree, hate this new layout.....actually reminds me of my childrens game Minecraft all blocky!! please change back to what it was, as was unbroken and much much user friendly. Also atm can you allow us to access the previous way but without having to constantly change to it every time we login!
    3. darksynth0
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      Dark0ne , then why won't leave old design as a permanent option even if it won't be officially supported?
      I've had ZERO issues through the course of past years (other than server downtimes, but this is not affected by site design in any way)

      Seriously, I understand that you wanted to refresh the site, make it superior and wasted lots of testing and resources to make it happen, but since you see such a backlash from your fellow users, why not leave them an option to choose from?

      It's very stupid for people to say something like "you won't see a penny from me" just because site design was changed, but it's rather stupid to cut a huge chunk of your user base (or make them visit the site rarely) just because you force-fed the new design.

      Honestly, I've spent like 1 hour with the new design once it became available as a part of phase 1, and never came back to it, updating all of my links with old. prefixes.
  6. Balgin Stondraeg
    Balgin Stondraeg
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    Personally I can't stand the new site layout. I hope to be able to keep using the old version for as long as it's humanly possible. It's easier to sue, more intuitive and less of an eyesore.
    1. Darnexx
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    2. PziCrow
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      I agree. This new design is BAD.
    3. bdk112
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      I agree. It's ridiculously bad.
    4. TakedaSun
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      I agree and another think that I don't like are people who push you and try to force you accept any bad idea or design. So much bullying to accept something that isn't great not for all.
    5. darksynth0
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      strongly agree
  7. drithius
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    Bye, Nexus.
  8. seyrens
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    oh man, this new layout, make me feel dizzy after using it for few minutes, its really mess, hard to navigate & take more time to load s***. shame the old design gone forever.
  9. animalwtcm
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    It's gone,, bummer, it was so easy to read.
  10. RaineyIsMyName
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    put it back ;~;