Staff Picks - 01 Feb 2017

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This week we have again taken a peek at the mods that are out there and (hopefully) come up with some real crackers for you to check out. TerrorFox1234 has found a great mod collection that is all wrapped up into one nicely bundled 'utility' mod, SirSalami has found some new ways to spend his time in New Vegas, and I have found a mod that was produced following the AMA session I had with Elianora.

We've had an anonymous submission that I checked out and really liked, their selection is a total redesign of Sanctuary from Fallout 4 that adds many new buildings, fixes the bridge and also changes the road layout - be sure to check it out.

We love to hear your selections, so if you have a mod you would like to submit to the community (not your own), please check out this new and handy form. Please fill out the form completely and ensure that you add some details about the mod and why you have chosen it (similar to how we have below). Just remember that other mods on the site may do roughly the same thing, so keep your eyes peeled and understand that these are just our personal picks. That said, hopefully, you'll find something you may not have seen before. Who knows, maybe we'll even learn a little about each other along the way.


Mod: Take Your Time
Game: Fallout New Vegas
Author: ClockworkManatee

Bartering, crafting, hacking, lockpicking, reading, repairing, and weapon modding: these are specialized skills that should take time to properly perform. That's why I always roll my eyes a little when my character can seemingly repair a rifle in literally, no time at all. This mod seeks to rectify that.

Elegantly fading to black when you initiate an appropriate action, the mod will then calculate how much 'time' will be spent on the task based on your character's expertise before returning control to you. Though this happens very quickly for the player, the time that passes will affect your character and the world accordingly, making performing these tasks a meaningful commitment rather than a simple chore.

Fully configurable via MCM, this mod is an excellent addition for immersion seekers and survivalists alike.


Mod: Utopium's Utility Pack
Game: Skyrim
Author: Utopium

Utopium has slowly been taking over a small section of my plugin list. He creates simple yet effective mods that are hard to live without once you get used to them. I was more than pleased to learn that he has packed up most of his little knick-knacks into one plugin.

Since this is merge of multiple mods, I’ll just give a quick description of each. Be sure to check out each individual mod’s page to get more details!

Utopium’s Utility Pack includes:

  • Better Free Camera - This is a MCM allowing for fine control of free camera settings, HUD settings, FOV settings, and Time Multiplier settings.
  • Camera Scripter - This is an API and MCM for creating custom camera automations. I haven’t actually made use of this, but it seems like a great way to make a trailer for an upcoming mod.
  • Don’t Push Me While I'm Talking - This mod is a simple SKSE plugin that toggles clipping mode for your character when locked into dialogue with NPCs. This prevents other NPCs from pushing you around.
  • Get Over Here - Another MCM. This one allows you to set hotkeys for moving NPCs around. Great for getting rogue townsfolk unstuck or moving your companion back to your side.
  • Horsing Around - This mod allows you to zoom in on your character a bit closer while riding on horseback. It also disables the forced perspective change when drawing and sheathing your weapon.
  • Let Me Pass - This mod allows you to move NPCs out of the way without the need to equip a spell or item. Simply push against the NPC for a few seconds and they will teleport out of the way.
  • Notification Log - This mod logs all of the notifications that pop up so you don’t have to worry about accidentally missing something. The log is accessed via the MCM.
  • Put On Some Clothes - This is a quick fix for those occasional conflicts that wind up with an NPC walking about naked. Some settings are configurable via an MCM.
  • Quick Deposit - This one allows you to set a hotkey that, when pressed while looking at a container, brings up a selection menu with various options for depositing specific types of items. This on is high configurable via an MCM.

I will also mention Continue Game No Crash which not everyone may want. You can read up on this one and decide for yourself as there’s no way to quickly give an explanation. That being said, there are two versions of Utopium’s Utility Pack available for download; one with CGNC included and one without.


Mod: No More Radio Station Notifications - NMRSN
Game: Fallout 4
Author: KernelsEgg

Some of you may have heard the AMA (Ask Me Anything) that we held recently with Elianora. It was a great evening full of insight, great questions and interaction within the community. There were many questions asked about modding, but one that jumped out at our member 'KernalsEgg' was "What mod would you most like to see created for Fallout 4?"

Eli mentioned that the one thing that frustrates her in Fallout 4, more than anything else, is the constant pop-ups that occur when you come into (and leave) the range of one of the many radio stations. Well, this mod does exactly what it says in the title and removes the intrusive text for your UI.

Did it get Eli's seal of approval?


I guess that's a yes.

(Guest submission)Anonymous

Mod: Sanctuary Lives Again
Game: Fallout 4
Author: greekrage

Sanctuary Lives Again is a ground-up overhaul of, well, Sanctuary. SLA contains many new buildings such as a police station, bank, church, cemetery, schoolhouse, hotel and many more. The road has been re-routed so instead of ending in a cul-de-sac it now circles around back to the newly designed bridge. Several buildings are designated for a specific profession, such as medical, food, weapons, etc.

The level of detail is simply excellent. From the fish stands to the interior detail of each building, is well thought-out though there is more than ample room for anyone to let their creative juices flow to add or modify according to their taste. I personally like the fact the mod author has left several spaces empty to do with as I please. The balance between residential and commercial areas is excellent. Neither are overbearing over the other. This mod gives me a warm feeling as if I am truly coming home after 200 years in cold storage.

Every week, we feature a few mods that have caught our staff's attention, as well as some that were submitted by you, the Nexus Mods community. If there is a mod you'd like to see on this list, then please check out this quick and handy form.

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Thanks, and have fun modding!


  1. seba1337
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    This is the third time now that I find a MUST-have mod thanks to the staff picks. In this case it was Utopium's pack, you didn't know you needed it until you tried it.
    1. Dimitrisgrr
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      It says File under moderation review for me :/
    2. utopium
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      Should be available now. I uploaded an update which had a false positive on the virus scanner.
    3. Pharthrax
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      What are the other two? xD
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    In response to post #47177305.


    It seems to be a bug, as you are the second person to mention this in the last 24 hours. We're looking into it.

    people waking off mid talking has been happening for sometime not just the last 24 hrs & yes it's very annoying & i'd like to know how to fix it too.
  3. mastaflykilla
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    I didn't know where else to post this but , is there a mod that keeps people still while you're in conversation with them so they don't just walk off and end the dialogue??? is this even a problem anyone else has??? it's annoying as hell.
  4. spookymunky
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    Is it really necessary to notify me multiple times for the same article ?.. 4 for this one so far.. I don't mind, jsut mentioning incase its a bug that only I am getting.

    appreciate the articles, rock on
    1. TerrorFox1234
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      It seems to be a bug, as you are the second person to mention this in the last 24 hours. We're looking into it.