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This mod fixes a few dialog issues with leliana.

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November 20, 2010: Fixes the bugs that were causing leliana to not give her personal quest to wardens she was romancing.

November 16: I changed the name of the mod as it fixes quite a bit more about Leliana than it did when I originally made and named the mod.

This mod is now included in Zevran Dialog Fix which fixes many issues around the endgame including Zevran giving the wrong dialog at the gates. It still works fine as a standalone mod.

September 28, 2010. Update: I retweaked the post-Marjolaine conversation because in my last update, I introduced a bug. Males can still start the romance in this conversation, females are a bit more likely to be ninjaed if the romance isn't cut off, but it's now very easy to avoid starting the romance.

October 4, 2010: I have fixed leliana.dlg in a different way, and hopefully this will solve the problems with her post-marjolaine. The previous version treated a woman telling Leliana she was not interested in women as a breakup, which can lead to an inappropriate dialog choice appearing later in the game. The way it is fixed now, women may still find themselves ninja romanced, but only if they do not clearly tell Leliana they're not interested in women. Males should be able to start the romance post-Marjolaine, and there are still two safe dialog choices that will not start the romance at all. This is very hard fix to test because the hair conversation happens quite a bit earlier than the post-marjolaine conversation for me. If there are any more issues with this, please let me know! I will do one more playthrough to check this for a female warden, but that will take me a week or so.


-Leliana's "Your Zevran" conversation no longer loops
-Leliana's conversation that she has at "friendly" when Zevran is at "Adore" or "Love" no longer has a loop.
-Leliana's declaration of love is different if she's hardened.
-Leliana will respond appropriately the warden is marrying Alistair/Anora. If she is the love interest and hardened, the proper dialog will trigger. If she is not involved in the warden, she will no longer break up with them.
-There are now a couple of appropriate responses for a gay/bisexual male warden when Leliana confronts him at "Care" if he's slept with Zevran.
-Leliana will no longer confront a male warden who had agreed to marry Anora before the landsmeet but does not end up engaged to her.
-Leliana now gives the proper response if hardened when asked what her future plans are.
-When discussing the afterlife, a choice that was only supposed to be visible to humans now actually appears for humans but no one else.
-Leliana will now always declare her feelings and proposition the warden after she falls in love.
-Now a dialog choice that should have only been available to females who were eligible to start a romance with Leliana will now only show when those conditions are met.
-If you break up with Leliana, she should stay broken up.
-Males should now get a second chance to start the romance with Leliana.
-There should be fewer instances of Leliana ninja romancing a female warden (though, true to Leliana, if you're not clear with her, you still may end up ninja loved).
-There is now an appropriate line for elves who were raised in the circle tower during Leliana's conversation regarding the elves (non-DT version only as DT had already added this).
-Dialogs leading to Leliana's personal quest should now appear at appropriate approval levels regardless of romantic status.


For the DT version, if you're using the DAZip version of Dialog Tweaks, extract the files to dragon age origins/packages/core/override. To uninstall, delete them. If you're using the manual version of Dialog Tweaks, place the files in the same directory as Dialog Tweaks and have these files overwrite the leliana.dlg and leliana.dlb that are currently n the directory.

For the non-DT version, extract the files to dragon age origins/packages/core/override. To uninstall, delete them.

Use only one version of the file. Delete the other.


The DT version of this mod is fully compatible with Avaraen's Dialog Tweaks .93a. The non-DT version obviously is not.

It's also fully compatibile with my Zevran Dialog Fix which has the proper dialog trigger when Zevran is in love instead of the "friendly" dialog that most people get at the Denerim City Gates during the Final Onslaught.

It is also compatible with my City Elf Romance Alienage Fix.

It also works fine with Charsen's ZevRing and ZevranASAP mods -- both of which I highly recommend.

Changed Files

leliana.dlg (both DT and non-DT)


Thank you to blademaster7, cuddlezarro, and Charsen for your amazing help with this!

And a special thanks to everyone at "What's the (Romantic) appeal of Zevran".

May 3rd, 2010 Version 1.2 fixes the bug where Leliana confronts a male warden about marrying Anora if he arranges to marry her but then does not.
June 23rd, 2010 Verions 1.4 fixes a few more bugs with Leliana,in particular with her not declaring her feelings under a particular circumstance and repairing a conversation bug in the non-DT version (DT had already fixed this bug).