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Fixes many dialog issues (not only Zevran), including Zevran giving the wrong dialog at the city gates, Alistair referring to himself as king when he's not, glitches in the Alienage as a city elf, and more

Permissions and credits
May 14,2013: By request, I have put up a file that should force Alistair to give the speech at the Denerim city gates before the final battle if he is still traveling with the warden (therefore Gray Warden Alistair should also give the speech). This file is untested by me. NOTE: It has been reported to me that this may cause Alistair to be invisible when he does the speech -- I am putting up a new version (10:30aEDT today) that has been re-exported to see if this was an issue. I'm unable to test as I do not have a save.

October 1, 2012: I have put up an update that addresses a few more bugs. I fixed a couple more issues with Leliana giving her personal quest, I added an appropriate response for an elf mage when Leliana talks about the circle for the non-Dialog Tweaks verson (while I use a different line than Dialog Tweaks, I give full credit to Avaraen as I am using the same idea), I fixed the approval errors that were happening during a scenario involving Isolde, a non-Dalish warden should now get the proper codex books from Sarel (thank you, UpiH), and I included a fix to Ruck that unlocks a persuade check and also makes the dialog flow a bit more smoothly if both Oghren and Zevran are in the party.

ZDF Base

-You now get Zevran's proper dialog at the City Gates. If he's in love, you no longer get his "friendly" dialog and if he's at friendly, you no longer get his "warm" dialog.
-If Alistair is hostile and in your party at the gates, his dialog no longer cuts off prematurely, ending the entire scene. You now will get his entire dialog, and the dialog of your love interest.
-Zevran's discussion with a human noble who is marrying Alistair/Anora no longer can trigger anywhere, leading to a glitched screen. It now can only be triggered in camp, as intended.
-Alistair no longer refers to himself as king if he isn't king at the city gates. His "in love" and "still in love" dialogs should also appear as appropriate.
-Alistair should no longer know about the ritual if the warden performed it.
-If you are marrying Alistair for political reasons and are at Friendly or Warm, Alistair will now give the proper dialog post-landsmeet
-If Morrigan is in love and left at the gates, her dialog will no longer cut off before she says her final goodbye.

Zevran Main Fixes:
-Zevran now will not refer to a female warden as a man during his jealousy talk regarding Leliana.
-All first time sexytime responses lead to a kiss as intended.
-When Zevran thanks the warden for freeing him from the crows, the line "I think of you as more than a friend." now only appears if the romance is not active and able to be started (this line starts the romance). If Zevran and the warden are in a romance, there now is a line, "I think of you as a friend, and more." that appears, and leads to his friendship declaration ("Then allow me to say this...") with the associated codex entry.
-At Arl Eamon's estate, if you're in a romance with Zevran, you now get his proper romance greetings.
-If Zevran offers the earring the second time, the warden now receives the earring and the conversation ends with the scripted kiss (non-ZevRing versions only as ZevRing not only fixes both of these issues, but gives an equippable earring instead of just a plot gift).
-After the Taliesen encounter, if the conversation leads to a public kiss and Zevran is not leaving, (the line is, "It would be hard to kiss you if you left,") the relationship now properly updates to love. (non-DT versions only -- Dialog Tweaks had already fixed this).
-Fixes the bug introduced in DT .93a. If you approach Zevran for the tent, then change your mind, the conversation will no longer cut off when you approach him again. (Dialog Tweaks only).

-Alistair no longer refers to himself as king if he isn't king.
-If you are marrying Alistair for political reasons and are at Friendly or Warm, Alistair will now give the proper dialog at the post-coronation ceremony.
-When discussing the dark ritual with Alistair, responses that should be available only to a hostile/neutral Warden no longer appear for all Wardens
-The proper "still in love" dialogs should appear if Alistair is still in love with the warden.
-At the funeral, if Alistair is still in love but Zevran or Leliana are in love, Alistair will give the friendship dialog so the camera will focus on the love interest.
-During the conversation Alistair has about the other companions, the choice, "He and I have a connection" appears when the romance is active with Zevran, as intended.
-Alistair now discusses not being made king with the warden if the warden becomes engaged to Anora or makes Anora the solo queen.
-If you do Alistair's personal quest after the Landsmeet is over and Alistair is not king, he will no longer be called king, though Goldanna will still call him a prince a couple of times.
-The broken cutscene when Alistair propositions the warden is now fixed. The elf and human kisses were repaired by tmp7704.
-Unlocks a dialog in Ostegar regarding the joining when speaking with Alistair.

City Elf Alienage Fix:
-Now when a city elf returs to the Alienage with their romance partner, the romance partner asks for an explanation; it no longer defaults to Alistair or a glitched screen. This is the same as: City Elf Romance Alienage Fix.

-Leliana's "Your Zevran" conversation no longer loops
-Leliana's conversation that she has at "friendly" when Zevran is at "Adore" or "Love" no longer has a loop.
-Leliana's declaration of love is different if she's hardened.
-Leliana will respond appropriately the warden is marrying Alistair/Anora. If she is the love interest and hardened, the proper dialog will trigger. If she is not involved in the warden, she will no longer break up with them.
-There are now a couple of appropriate responses for a gay/bisexual male warden when Leliana confronts him at "Care" if he's slept with Zevran.
-Leliana will no longer confront a male warden who had agreed to marry Anora before the landsmeet but does not end up engaged to her.
-Leliana now gives the proper response if hardened when asked what her future plans are.
-When discussing the afterlife, a choice that was only supposed to be visible to humans now actually appears for humans but no one else.
-Leliana will now always declare her feelings and proposition the warden after she falls in love.
-Now a dialog choice that should have only been available to females who were eligible to start a romance with Leliana will now only show when those conditions are met.
-If you break up with Leliana, she should stay broken up.
-Males should now get a second chance to start the romance with Leliana.
-There should be fewer instances of Leliana ninja romancing a female warden (though, true to Leliana, if you're not clear with her, you still may end up ninja loved).
-There is now an appropriate line for elves who were raised in the circle tower during Leliana's conversation regarding the elves (non-DT version only as DT had already added this).
-Dialogs leading to Leliana's personal quest should now appear at appropriate approval levels regardless of romantic status.

-When playing the card game with Isabela, if Zevran offers to help cheat, the additional action is now available

-This should fix Loghain speaking from the dead in the conversation with Riorden in Redcliff castle if Alistair is still a companion but not king.

-This now has Fergus properly mention the wedding to a Female Warden who's marrying Alistair.

-Anora should no longer act like she's marrying Alistair if Alistair did the ultimate sacrifice.

-Fixes a bug where a persuade check was checking for high poison skill instead of a very high persuade skill.

Sarel Fix
-Fixes a conversation bug in the conversation he has with a Dalish elf where under one circumstance the dialog would cut off prematurely and in another the proper lines would not trigger.
-Sarel will now give the proper codex books to a non-Dalish warden.

-This fixes the problem of the dwarf warden kissing Zevran's nose during the vanilla default sexytime kiss (the kiss that is in the vanilla game for subsequent tent visits -- it's also used as the kiss for the (kiss him) option in dialog tweaks).

-This extends and repairs the default kiss and the post-Taliesen kiss.

Denerim Priests
Fixes a conversation cutoff that can happen when talking to the priests outside of the Denerim Chantry.

Cullen Fix
Makes a few changes to the conversation with Cullen right outside of the Harrowing Chamber.
-If you're a female mage and get Zevran's line, the camera will focus on him as he says it.
-If you spare the mages, the only way to not lose approval with Sten is to pass the persuade check now, but passing the persuade check will no longer result in a loss of approval.
-Wynne will speak if in the party, as appropriate, and not when she's not in the party.
-I added one line to allow you to change your mind about killing the mages after Zevran tries to talk you out of it so you don't have to fight Wynne -- this line was written by Nonvita and I had used it in an informal mod several months ago. Thank you, setiweb, for highlighting the camera issue and having me reexamine this conversation!

Party Banter
Restores 12 banters in all, 7 between Alistair and Zevran, 1 between Zevran and Leliana, and 4 between Oghren and Shale.

In addition, it fixes the following bugs:
-One of the restored conversations with Alistair and Zevran will only trigger if Alistair is in a romance but not in love.
-Several banters where companions talk about Alistair having sex with the warden will now only trigger if the romance is active and Alistair and the warden have actually had sex.
-A banter between Zevran and Oghren now only triggers once the Orzammar questline is done, consistent with other discussions where camp is mentioned with Oghren.
-A banter between Morrigan and Leliana will now only trigger when Morrigan is in love and Leliana is not romanced (thank you Terra_Ex, for this fix -- I am utilizing his work with permission).
-A banter between Morrigan and Sten will now only trigger once per game.

Slideshow Fix
-Zevran's in love slide, if leaving Denerim, should now trigger properly for male wardens.
-Alistair's in love slide, if staying in Denerim, should only reference Queen Anora if Anora is actually queen.
-Morrigan's in love slide should now trigger if Morrigan is either in love or still in love (rather than just still in love).
-If the werewolves are cured and allowed to go, their proper slide should trigger.
-If a city elf asks for the Alienage boon, the proper slides should trigger.
-the Dalish boon no longer triggers for everyone under a certain circumstance
-The proper slides for the fate of the Sacred Ashes now triggers if Brother Genitivi is alive.
-Fixed an irregularity with Bella's epilogue cards triggering being dependent on Kaitlyn's epilogue cards.
-The flags for the city elf, human noble, dwarven and magi boons when Alistair is king are now set properly (thank you Terra_Ex for fixing this)

Kaitlyn Fix
-Sets the proper flags if you give Kaitlyn money after the Siege.
-Removes an inappropriate approval loss from Alistair during one of the conversations with her.

Eamon Fix
-The warden can no longer ask Eamon a question about Alistair post-landsmeet if it is not consistent with how the landsmeet was resolved.

Eamon Epilogue Fix
-Eamon now properly acknowledges the fate of Connor and Isolde in all circumstances during the post-coronation ceremony.

Lothering Revered Mother Fix

-Leliana now will speak up if you threaten the Revered Mother.
-A couple of conversation irregularities are now cleaned up.

Howe Fix

Allows the proper dialog to trigger for a human noble when confronting Howe in his estate whether he confronted Howe or not at Eamon's estate.

Epi Ohgren

-Friendly and warm wardens no longer get the neutral/hostile dialog at Oghren's post-coronation dialog.

Epi Leliana

-Now a romance has to be active for a male to get one of the dialog choices
-A neutral warden will no longer get a friendship response.

Epi Alistair
-Alistair now gives the proper dialog to a warden he is still in love with.
-Alistair should now properly know or not know of the ritual.
-Alistair will give the proper response to a friendly/warm warden whom he's marrying.

Sten Fix
-Sten's conversation no longer loops when asking him about why he came to Ferelden
-If either Sten or the Lothering Grand Cleric has told you the details about Sten's crime, you should be able to question him about it when he is ready to talk about why he was caged.

Fixes various approval issues when making certain decisions. Companions now have to be in the party to have their approval affected as is consistent with all other situations of this nature, and a few instances of incorrectly applied approval changes have been fixed.

nlocks a persuade check so a certain action is not forced upon the warden. The dialog, if both Zevran and Oghren are in the party, now flows a bit better as well.

Optional Files -- these should replace the current files in the Addons should you choose to use them.

This fixes the problem of the dwarf warden kissing Zevran's nose during the vanilla default sexytime kiss (the kiss that is in the vanilla game for subsequent tent visits -- it's also used as the kiss for the (kiss him) option in dialog tweaks).

This is a more passionate kiss, where Zevran kneels, to replace the default kiss. Just have these overwrite the files in the "Dwarf Kiss Fix" folder in ZDF.

The default kiss, fixed and extended for Elf Females

The post-Taliesen kiss, extneded, and made into the default kiss and also included as the post_taliesen kiss. It's a bit more passionate kiss than the default one.

The same as my party_banter_6 fix except the "Ferelden dogs" banter should not trigger.

For users of Charsen's ZevRing. There is both a Dialog Tweaks compatible version and a vanilla version, please use the appropriate one. To install, delete from ZDF the Zevran_Main_Fixes folder or just zevran_main.dlg/dlb from that folder. If using the manual version of either Dialog Tweaks .93a or ZevRing (or both) make sure you delete any copies of zevran_main.dlg/dlb (this is not an issue with the override and dazip versions). Then extract the appropriate files from the archive into your /override or ZDF folder.

Loghain Friendly Eligible
This allows for Loghain to become "friendly" at high enough approval, which will allow his "friendly" dialogs to trigger.

Oghren Camera Fix
Brings the camera in closer during the conversation where Oghren offers the warden a drink so the camera is focused on Oghren and the warden instead of Leliana's legs.

Gorim Quiet
Gorim will only give his sales pitch once per game.


Make sure older versions of this mod are uninstalled before installing the latest version.

To install, just extract the file contents into your Dragon Age origins/packages/core/override folder. To uninstall, delete them.


The changes I am making are bug fixes only. I am not adding things to the game that weren't intended to be there; all changes are based on the script notes. I originally was not even going to touch the problems with Alistair in the end game as I won't be testing them as thoroughly as the Zevran changes, but since some of the bugs do interfere with my games where Zevran is the romance partner (Alistair giving the wrong dialogs in a few places), I decided to clean his dialogs and scripts up a bit as well (I couldn't do one without the other). They're not as thoroughly tested as the Zevran changes, but they're also very easily uninstalled.


This is fully compatible with:

Avaraen's Dialog Tweaks .93a I use it; it's an essential mod as far as I'm concerned. You must use the DT version of ZDF in order for it to be compatible, however. Also, if using the manual version of Dialog Tweaks, you must delete from the DT.93a folder leliana.dlg/dlb and zevran_main.dlb/dlg (leave all the other files intact).

It also works fine with Charsen's ZevRing and ZevranASAP mods -- both of which I highly recommend. However, you must use the appropriate optional file to make it compatible with ZevRing. If using the manual version of ZevRing, you need to delete zevran_main.dlg/dlb from the ZevRing folder.

Version 1.6 incorporates these mods, but older versions are fully compatible with:

City Elf Romance Alienage Fix.
Leliana Your Zevran Dialog Fix .

This is NOT compatible with:

Alistair Dialog Patch,
Endgame Dialogue and Epilogue Slide Fixes, and
older versions of Dialog Tweaks.

To make ZDF compatible with Improved Atmosphere:

Delete from IA (keep ZDF's intact):

Delete from either (your choice on whose changes you'd like to keep)

ZDF Addons and ZDF Complete are NOT NOT NOT compatible with Equal Love because of the changes to alistair_main.dlg. ZDF Base should now be compatible, however.

Any mod that changes either the Alistair post-landsmeet dialog or the Denerim City Gates, Alistair dialog, Leliana dialog, Isabela dialog, and/or Shianni Alienage dialog will not work well with mine.

If using a version of the game earlier than 1.03, you may want to delete Loghain_Riorden_fix. I've had two reports of an issue of an invisible Anora speaking from people on version 1.02.

*to make compatible with other mods*

Dialog Tweaks (manual version only): Delete zevran_main.dlg/dlb and leliana.dlg from the Dialog Tweaks .93a folder.

GateKisses: Delete party_events.dlg/dlb from the ZDF Base folder. Please note that both GateKisses and ZDF's genpt_zevran_defined.ncs/nss are the same file. You can safely delete either one if you are getting a conflict from a mod manager; just make sure you keep one as well (this script allows the dialog at the gates to trigger). Note: ZDF 2.0 party_events is now different from the one in GateKiss. Gatekiss should still work properly (as it as working before), but please let me know if there are amy issues.

Alistair Improved Romance Scenes: Delete from ZDF's Alistair folder:

Morrigan Restoration Patch Fix Pack: ZDF should now be completely compatible with MRPFP.

Charsen's kisses: From Charsen's kisses folder (leave mine intact), delete:

ZevRing: Delete my zevran_main.dlg/dlb. I strongly suggest downloading my ZevRing optional addon as I repair quite a few bugs. If you download it, if using the manual version of ZevRing, delete zevran_main.dlg and zevran_main.dlb from the ZevRing folder in addition to my Zevran Main Fixes folder, and extract the correct version (DT or non-DT) into the ZDF folder.


If you'd like to see the dialogs and responses, SaturnCeleste made a Youtube Video that has them, plus one of the responses if you leave him at the gate (which is the same as in the vanilla game).


ZDF has not been a solo project. Along the way I have asked for and received a lot of help. Charsen (author of ZevRing and ZevranASAP) graciously offered to make custom kisses for the goodbyes at the gates when I asked him for help with that part. He now has Zevran's kisses up for open beta at Gatekiss and the kisses are fabulous.

Gatekiss is ZDF_Base (version 1.8) with kisses added. If you already have ZDF installed, allow GateKiss's files to overwrite ZDF's. Make sure that you either overwrite or delete party_events.dlg from ZDF -- you want Gatekiss's version of that file. If you already have Gatekiss installed, use ZDF_Addons for my additional fixes. While this is different from the current version of ZDF, it should still work with zdf, it's just that there are slight differences with Alistair at the gates.

Terra_Ex's Morrigan Restoration Patch Dialog Fixpack Morrigan has a beautiful and interesting romance, and Terra_Ex managed to restore the intended beauty by fixing some pretty horrendous bugs. The most recent versions of MRP and ZDF are 100% compatible. All overlapping files are identical.

cmessaz's Romance Scenes Combined, while still a work in progress, is now in open beta and adds some incredible moments for wardens in a romance with Alistair. To use her mod with ZDF, delete alistair_main.dlg and alistair_main.dlb from the "Alistair" folder in ZDF and extract her files into the override directory. If you want to use her slideshow changes as well, you also will need to delete Slideshow_Fix from the ZDF directory.


Charsen and Gilded Age for their help with this (I would not have been able to do this without them).

Terra_Ex for his amazing help and for his willingness to work with me.

Sabriana, Addai67 and Sannox and really, everyone who posts in the "What's the (Romantic) appeal of Zevran" thread on the Bioware forums for testing this.

Addai67 for her lovely screenshot.

SaturnC for making a video of the entire dialog.

tmp7704 for not only letting me use their elf and human kisses to repair the Alistair proposition cutscene, but for being so patient with all my questions.

blademaster7 for pointing out many of the Leliana dialog problems, Shale at the gates, and for your patience with me!

UpiH for letting me know of bugs and solutions and for testing!

KigenAngelo for your help regarding the genpt_alistair_defined.ncs for the male-romance optional file.

cmessaz and the people on the Alistair, post-coronation... and/or Alistair gush thread (Origins/Awakening Spoilers) for suggestions and testing. You are WONDERFUL!

germi91 for highlighting another issue with Leliana's dialog.

setiweb for finding several bugs and cutoffs and bringing them to my attention!

I'd like to give another extra special thanks to Charsen. Gatekiss is truly incredible.

Changed files:

ZDF Base:

ZDF Complete (in addition to the above files):
leliana.dlg (dt and non-dt)

plt_genpt_leliana_banter.plo -- changes by Terra_Ex

Optional Files:
zevran_main.dlg (DT, ZevRing, DT&ZevRing, and Vanilla)

New Files:
zdf_mrp_shared.plo -- written by Terra_Ex
zdf_mrp_shared.ncs -- written by Terra_Ex

Previous Versions (1.7.4b and earlier):

Previous Versions

Version 1.0 makes Zevran's "In Love" dialog trigger instead of the "Friendly" dialog that most people get in the vanilla game.
Version 1.1 fixes the bug when Alistair is hostile and in the party at the gates. That conversation now finishes properly and you now get your romance partner's dialog.
Version 1.2 takes out the line "Not this time, my friend." when leaving Zevran at the gates. That is not supposed to be there when Zevran is in love.
Version 1.3 cleaned up the dialog tree a bit. It is the version that is translated into Spanish.
Version 1.4 fixes the "royal scandal" talk triggering anywhere. It now only triggers in camp. Also fixes a "friendly" warden getting "warm" dialog at the city gates.
Version 1.5 fixes some of the issues surrounding Alistair's end game dialog, including him giving the wrong dialogs post coronation in a political marriage to a "friendly" or "warm" warden, "hostile" responses showing for all wardens at the "dark ritual" conversation, and "still in love" responses not appearing for wardens with whom Alistair is still in love.
Version 1.51 fixes a hostile female warden getting some "love" dialog.
Version 1.52 fixes the conversation Alistair has about the other companions so the choice, "He and I have a connection" appears when the romance is active with Zevran (as opposed to Alistair) as was intended.
Version 1.6 fixes Alistair referring to himself as king if he is not king, adds Zevran helping the warden cheat if he offers to help cheat in the card game with Isabela, fixes the loop in Leliana's "Your Zevran" dialog, and fixes the glitch in the Alienage for city elves who return with their romance partner
Version 1.6.1 fixes the epilogue slide bug that causes a male warden to get the female slide if he chooses to travel.
Version 1.6.2 corrects Morrigan referring to Alistair as king if he is not king and in a romance or still in love with the warden.
Version 1.6.3 repairs Morrigan's dialogs further. She has a dialog if you take her to Flemeth's hut after you have the quest "Flemeth's Grimoire." This dialog now triggers properly. Also, a city elf will now tell Morrigan that their mother died a long time ago as is indicated in the Origin story, not at birth.
1.7 Reorganized the files to make installation with compatible mods easier.
1.7.1 Fixed a bug with Alistair not acknowledging he was king if he was anything but solo king.
1.7.2 Fixed the bug with Fergus discussing the wedding with a female warden when Alistair did the US. Fixed Anora thinking she was engaged to Alistair if he did the US. Fixed the "empty" click with Leliana when she was not the love interest and the warden was getting married to Alistair/Anora. Fixed Morrigan not acknowledging Alistair was king if he was solo king and locked a conversation that I previous had unlocked as it introduced a new bug.
1.7.2a This takes out the last instance of Morrigan referring to Alistair as king if he is not king.
1.7.3 Fixed the issue with the City Elf with more than one romance partner potentially having a glitched screen if he or she had more than one romance partner. Also added the fixed dwarf kiss.
1.7.3a Fixed the bug where Leliana confronts a male warden about marrying Anora if he arranges to marry her before the landsmeet but then does not.
1.7.3b Removed genpt_alistair_defined.ncs as ZDF seems to run fine without it.
1.7.4 Removed a reference at the arch demon of the warden referring to Alistair as king if Alistair is not king.
1.7.4a fixes a bug that would cause, in a rare circumstance, for the dialog at the Arch demon to cut off.
1.7.4b adds a few banters and fixes a couple more instances in Leliana's dialog.
1.7.4c adds an additional banter and fixes a few bugs in some other party banters. Also makes the Shianni fixes not dependent on a script.
1.7.4d Fixes a bug where Leliana never actually declares her feelings or propositions the warden. Also fixes a part of the conversation appearing for all wardens instead of just a female warden eligible for a romance. Also updates the party_banter_fix to the most recent version.
1.8 Additional fixes to Leliana and repaired vanilla kisses for dwarf and elf females.
2.0 Changes the way the flags for the dark ritual are handled which allows for the appropriate dialogs to trigger for Alistair and loghain when talking them into the dark ritual, and for Alistair to know, or not know, about the dark ritual, it's purpose, and the details and respond appropriate at the Denerim City Gates.