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Get ambushed by Zevran around Lothering instead of waiting til you complete world events.

Permissions and credits
Version 2.0 Final is out.

No need to reinstall if you had Beta. Final and Beta are identical.

Please redownload if you have versions prior to 2.0 Beta.

* You MUST install this AT OR BEFORE FLEMETH. Now your updates for Zevran occur upon entering Lothering. That means he isn't sent out to murder you until you arrive in Lothering, and so you won't meet him until you access the world map after Lothering (though right after Lothering you will still have your regular nightmare about the Archdemon in camp, then you can travel the map and encounter your assassin!)

In this version:
- Cutscene with Loghain is moved up to right after the meeting with Teagan. This is done to show Zevran before you meet him.
- Codex entries with Zevran now update when you acquire him.
- New dazip format
- Improved code for less conflicts (hopefully, please tell me your experiences!)
- Everyone should acquire Zevran at the same time, regardless of origin.

Contact me
Please leave a comment if you have a bug or any weirdness that I should look in to. I will also try to modify my script if it conflicts with another, so do let me know!

There is an override in rar and zip format, and also a dazip provided. Use only one of these. I provided rar and zip formats for your convenience, but it's the same .override file inside.

To install the DAZip using the default Updater:
1. Open your daupdater.exe in your Program Files/Dragon Age/bin_ship/ folder.
2. Hit Select DAzip and browse for the Zevran_ASAP.dazip
3. Hit Install

To install the DAZip using either mod manager:
1. Open either the DAMod Manager or DAModder tools.
2. Drag the zevran_asap.dazip to the Mod Manager's dazip section.
3. You will be asked if you want to install it, hit Yes.

To install the .override using the DAMod Manager v1.9c
1. Open DA Mod Manager
2. Drag the zevranasap.override to the DA Mod Manager override section.
3. It will ask you if you wish to install it. Hit Yes.


What does this mod do?
You can now recruit Zevran by triggering his ambush very early in the game, after Lothering, instead of waiting until you have completed two world events to get ambushed. If you want Zevran in Lothering, you can leave Lothering to grab Zevran and return, the town will be ok until you complete a world event elsewhere.

Why do I want Zevran early?
Some people enjoy Zevran as a companion so much that it seems a shame to have to wait for him. If you don't care when you get Zevran, don't install the mod.

When and how can I trigger the Zevran ambush?
The ambush will occur as soon as you access the world map to travel after Lothering. Please note that after Lothering you have a dream of the Archdemon, but then after you leave camp to travel you will be ambushed.

How does this affect gameplay?
The Zevran encounter may be difficult right after Lothering, but so far tests have shown that while it is a bit hard, it is not too difficult of an encounter. This is clearly very subjective. If the encounter is too difficult for you before Lothering try to decrease your difficulty or do all the quests in Lothering before engaging Zevran.

When can I install this mod?
You must install the mod before you arrive in Lothering for the first time. If you install it after arriving in Lothering for the FIRST time, Zevran won't be able to find you. If that is the case, reload to an earlier save or use this mod for your next character.

Can I uninstall the mod after I get Zevran?
It shouldn't affect anything. It hasn't been tried yet, so let me know if there are issues.


- Thanks to my great Beta testers (Cuddlezarro, Sabriana, Ejoslin, Darkannex) and the great folks at the social.bioware.com thread "What's the (Romantic) Appeal of Zevran?"
- Thanks to DavidSims at Bioware and TimelordDC from the Toolset forum for helping me with the toolset exports.
- Thanks to Bioware for having a cool enough character to inspire me to mod. =)

2.0: Final. No bugs reported in 2.0 version, moved from Beta to Final.
2.0: Beta. Improved code. Moved cutscene & codex.
1.0: Beta. First release to DragonAgeNexus. Modified override to just include compiled script. DAzip included.
0.1: Beta. First release to closed testing group. Only Override version.