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A mysterious tower Northeast of Denerim. Enter to explore three scenarios from the history of Thedas (Currently in Alpha) - Images will be up shortly

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*****UPDATED 20 FEB 2010*****
NOTE: The Head Librarian merchant in the basement will be selling books. Read these books by "examining" them. More books will be added with each update.


Gate Assault: 10+
Maalsharoth: 15+
First Blight: 18+


DISCLAIMER ----I accept no responsibility if this mod breaks your game in any way. It is designed to run with the main campaign and is compatible with other mods. If you run into any game-breaking issues, disable this mod.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since I am looking to make this mod as good as possible so that all may benefit, please give feedback to this mod on DragonAgeNexus.



Northeast of Denerim, in the middle of the sea, there is a mysterious tower. This is the Tower of Dreams. Within, the Sage of Memories has collected knowledge of all that has passed in the history of Thedas. You are offered a chance to explore some of the most important events in history.

Join the ancient Tevinter army as they take back a fortress overrun by demons. Aid King Maric Theirin as he fends off the last Orlesian assault on Denerim. And aid legendary Paragon Aeducan as he and his men drive back one of the greatest foes ever to appear - the Archdemon Dumat, in the First Blight.

Each of these roads is open to you in the Tower of Dreams. As you progress, you will unlock powerful magical artifacts to aid you in your journey as a Grey Warden.

Enter the Tower, Warden, and DREAM.


*Three powerful magical artifacts to collect and use throughout your journey through memories
*Three important scenarios from Thedan history (Non-canon, of course)
*New enemies to face, and allies to fight with you
*Expansive areas to explore
*Merchants, with exclusive items!


Use DAModder or follow the steps below.


Open "daupdater.exe" to import the .dazip file. <--- located at C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\bin_ship\

Drag the .dazip file over the updater and click on it to highlight.

Click Install Selected.

Once installation is complete, close the updater.

Launch the game.

**********KNOWN ISSUES**********
I'm not going to pretend that this is a perfect mod. Indeed, the original build was made in two days, with virtually no prior

scripting experience. Thus, here are some known issues:

*Sometimes, there may be a graphics glitch at the Castle Gates stage of the second mirror scenario.

*********DISABLE MOD*********

Disable from the main menu, select Downloadable Content, then select the Installed Content tab and uncheck Tower of Dreams.


Beta (v0.91) - Renamed Assault on Denerim Gate's quest, added basement with merchants
Beta (v0.90) - Reworked Assault on Denerim Gate, there is now a quest line to go with it.
Alpha (v0.895) - Repositioning and thinned mobs, added custom items to First Blight
Alpha (v0.89) - Fixed many bugs
Alpha 1 (v0.85) - Fixed small issue with icon greyed out
Alpha Build (v0.8) - Original Build