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FtG UI Mod v2.1

Author: FollowTheGourd.
Project Name: FtG UI Mod.
Project Home Page:
Mod Version: v2.1.
Game Version: v1.03 - v1.04.
Release Date: August 3, 2010.
Description: A flexible Dragon Age: Origins modification with the
immediate goal of improving the readability of the
game's user interface and providing other enhancements.


In the mod:
* If you find any, please let me know.

In the game:
Game patch v1.03 seems as
if it may have introduced a host of them on its own:

* Character portraits not displaying the mana or stamina.
* More crashing (reportedly during fights - may have something to do with pausing).
* Virulent walking bomb lost its tooltip description.
* The damage score in the inventory is not updated when disarming until you open the
character sheet.
* Probably other stuff. So if you see an issue, please see if it's reproducible with
this mod disabled.


See the accompanying PDF manual for how to install, configure,
and disable this mod. If you're feeling impatient, try double clicking
the dazip file "FtG UI Mod - v2.1.dazip".

If you have previous test versions of this mod, or the Larger Conversation
Text mod (the old name for this mod) then you'll need to remove those afterwards
so there's no conflict.


v2.1 - August 3, 2010:

* Minor updates for game patch v1.04 compatability. It should mainly matter for the
upcoming DLC. The mod should still be compatible with game v1.03.

* Bug fix: subtitles at the bottom after the five second timeout weren't properly
disappearing when the game had subtitles off. Reported by Porkdish.

* Bug fix: Better minimum font size for the abilities and levelup description tooltips.
Could cause font-size issue with trailing whitespace as it seems to be non-breaking
and wordwrap doesn't account for it. Shouldn't happen with any official content.

v2.0 Beta 2 Release 3 - May 3, 2010:

* Hotfix for the optional Codex links feature, where the requested font size wasn't
being respected.

* Also, when hovering over Codex links, some of the other links would sometimes move
up or down by about a pixel. This release mitigates that somewhat, but still rarely
occurs. The only other apparent alternative would be to not highlight hovered over
links at all.

v2.0 Beta 2 - April 29, 2010:

* Option of clickable Codex link page. Disabled by default, but accessed in the config
utility with the "Show Codex table of contents" checkbox under the Book Menus tab.
This is an extensive feature to make finding Codex entries easier.

Unfortunately, there's a bug in the game's UI system where scrolling the text field
doesn't update the hover color of a link, but it's just a cosmetic issue to be aware

With "Show Codex table of contents" enabled, you can click on a selected Codex entry
again to unselect it and get the table of contents back.

* Skills, spells, and talents description text now have adjustable font sizes and color.
The color uses the same setting from the book menu settings. The size depends on whether
the book menu UI is scaled up or not: if scaled, then it uses the book menu font size; if
not scaled, then it uses the tooltips size.

The ability description text is constrained so it will fit inside the non-scrollable area.
Occasionally the text may become one point size smaller than necessary, but that was
unavoidable in order to keep the proper formatting. It's not anything too noticeable.

* Option of scaling floating text font size according to screen height. Disabled by default
but accessed in the config utility under the Floating Text tab.

* The enchantment menu now scales when the book menu scaling option is enabled. That was long

* The config utility now has an icon. Cosmetic change.

* Bug fix: Fixed a formatting issue in the itemexamine popup which leads to long item
descriptions getting cut off, more noticeably in languages other than English
where text is longer.

v2.0 Beta 1 - March 28, 2010:

* Bug fix: Ability icons dragged into the top navbar aren't erroneously scaled down anymore.

* Bug fix: Ability icons are no longer scaled up when "Scale menu size to screen height" is
unchecked under "Book Menus" in the configuration utility.

v2.0 Alpha 2 - March 18, 2010:

* Bug fix: Restored lowered subtitles option.

* Changed "Automatic" to "Auto" in the configuration utility so larger system fonts are less
likely to elide the text.

v2.0 Alpha - March 14, 2010:

* Rewrote to support the upcoming Awakening expansion. Now requires game patch v1.03.

* Adjustable font sizes no longer depend on whether the containing UI element is scaled or not.
If your mod settings are not at default, then this may make some text appear small at first until
you select a larger font size for it or select the new "automatic" size.

* Added default "automatic" font scale sizes for the journal and tooltips.
Reset any earlier configuration with "Config\FtG_UIMod_Config.exe" for these to be selected.
Or alternatively, clear out any configuration under
"My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override\FTG_UIMOD".

v1.1 - Jan 19, 2010:

* The shadow under text has been removed from the tactics menu in order to
reduce how blurry it looked.

v1.0 - Jan 11, 2010:

* Initial release.


All I ask is this: please make it an OPTIONAL installation and keep intact all
the files included with this mod - which include the READMEs, manuals, and
configuration utilities. It's a pain to make sure that future versions of this
mod won't conflict with itself if people have renamed override versions floating
around. That being said, it'd be better to redistribute only the dazip version,
as override versions are provided as a convenience and have a greater chance of
conflicting with future versions if a user is unaware that it's installed or
where it is - which could easily happen if included in a mod pack.