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Cloth set for mages with a matching stave and jewelry set as a bonus.

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Armor in this mode were made with Warcraf/Warhammer FB style as an inspiration, so, it is completely not true to the DA:O art style. If you find yourself offended by it do not download it and do not complain just give unendorsement.

"Some owls house the souls of archmages of ages past."


File History:
5.02.10-Initial release. Added Wings of Velvet and Verdant Sonata .dazips and manually installable packages for public use.

7.02.10- Added "vender" version ob both(Wings of Velvet & Verdant Sonata) mods in .dazip and manual variations. With this version installed you will be able to buy all items from your familiar camp vender-Bodahn for a reasonably high price instead of getting it spawned in your inventory.
If you wish switch from standard version to vender, it is vital to uninstall standard one first.

14.02.10-Due to popular demand added version with glow-less stave (standard&vender). But to make this version to be something more than just minor fix, I changed textures there from high (1024x1024) to HD (2048x2048). So I ask, you who will download those files to test those textures for me =). If there will be good feedback, I will ad HD textures to all others files variations here as well as in the Ivory Tower mod and to my future project.

5.03.10-Added HD textures for sets with the stave glow.

If you wish switch versions it is vital to uninstall older one first.

Some of the people who will read this know me as a creator of The Ivory Tower set for Arcane Warriors. Truth be told Wings of Velvet were in work before I even got an idea to create Arcana Warrior set. Main theme of this set is an owl. In my mind owl is a totemic creature for mages. As it written on one of the mtg cards "some owls house the souls of archmages of ages past." Besides this I have styled it somewhat akin to Warhammer FB high elven mages robes that always serve me as an inspiration.

Set is colored in black, blue and silver.
I will not consider doing different color variations because it will ruin the main theme of the wise night creature.

The reason behind Wings of Velvet mod creation was my frustration with BioWare total lack of creativity in a mage armor department in DA: O. There are four robe variation in this game and all four are either dull (apprentice/enchanter robe) or somewhat vulgar (tevinter styled robes (this particular robe variation were the reason why I has stopped playing my female character- stockings and slippers *shudder*)) or combination of both- robes of the witch. Also this game as a whole lack colors (to my eye there are only two colors- brown and red and all others are stained by those two), some may argue this saying that`s DA: O setting is dark fantasy with low magic world. But I disagree- concepts that were made for DA:O are dark but colorful.

This set is suitable for elven and human mages. All set parts are retextured and have custom icons. Robe, gloves and boots if worn together, give the wearer a set bonus of magic and willpower.

There is two robes one for males one for females you can easily tell them apart by the different icons (on a stats screenshot the one on the left is a male option the one on the right -female. Please do not wear the male version on female and vice-versa because you will get the invisible body bug.

There is also a jewelry set (Verdant Sonata) that gives small magic bonus to the owner. This is optional file that is completely separated from the main cloth set.

Comments/suggestions are welcome.
And I will be really honored if you will like my set enough to upload screenshots of your characters wearing it ;).

1. Download the .dazip file.
2. Run Daupdater.exe (It is in your program folders "dragon age origins\bin_ship" folder) or use DAModder.
3. Install .dazip
4. Run DA: O, if you load the saved game, armor will show up in your inventory, if you starting a new one disable Wings of Velvet and/or Verdant Sonata in your DLC menu, create character, enter game, save and exit game, enable Wings of Velvet and/or Verdant Sonata mod in your DLC menu once again and load the game.
5. Have fun.


1.Uncheck the module in the in-game "Downloaded Content" menu.
2.Than go to your \ My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\AddIns directory and delete wings_of_velvet, verdant_sonata or both folders.
3.After this is done go to \ My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\data and delete .ERF files that are called like folders that you previously deleted in you AddIns directory.

If you use DAModder just uninstall via its menu.

Comment/PM me here on the Nexus.

Tutorials used:
Krayzie_3334, Retexturing a Armor without Replacing it
Adinos, Easier creation of retextured models
weriKK, Custom Player Items
_Divine_Divinity_, How to add set bonus

You may use this however you want.
Please do not re-host this file without my permission.