Warden Shields by nezroy
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Added: 28/01/2010 - 12:07AM
Updated: 07/02/2011 - 04:21PM

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Last updated at 16:21, 7 Feb 2011 Uploaded at 0:07, 28 Jan 2010

A set of shields forged to match the Warden Commander armor set. UDK compatible.

Recent News
04-JUL-2010: Released v2.0 to add UDK and Awakening support. Please read the upgrading section before installing.

Item Description
The base stats are those of tier 6 (Origins) and tier 9 (Awakening) tower shields. +3 willpower, +6 defense (+15 in Awakening), +1 stamina regeneration in combat, and +10% to healing effects received.

The textures were created to match the Warden Commander Armor set, but the appearance can also be customized using the Universal Dye Kit. Use the UDK option to remove all tints (including material tints) to get the closest match to the Warden Commander armor set.

Released as a standard .dazip file. Use daupdater.exe, DAModder, DAO-Modmanager, or your .dazip tool of choice to install this mod.

The shields will be added to Bodahn's store inventory on your first trip back to the party camp (except for the very first visit in the game, after the first archdemon cutscene; you must leave and return to the camp in that case). The items to look for are "Warden Commander Tower/Kite/Targe". In Awakening, an upgraded version of the shields will be added to your personal chest at Vigil's Keep instead. Shields "on your person" will not import into Awakening, so you might as well sell them for the gold first.

If for any reason the shields do not show up, or you want multiple copies, you can type "runscript nez_wcs give all" in the console to have the shields added directly to your inventory. This option of course requires that you have enabled the Developer Console.

If you are upgrading from a <2.0 version to 2.0, you should sell off all of the shields on your toon for the gold, save, exit, then uninstall the existing version of the mod. Force-load your recent save with the mod uninstalled, then save this to a new save. Now install the 2.0 version and load from that clean save. In Origins you will need to re-purchase the shields from Bodahn. In Awakening they will be added to your chest in Vigil's Keep.

Note that v2.0 removes the runic versions entirely since that armor set now includes its own matching shields. This also means the black retex was removed, but you can now get just about any look you want via UDK support instead. Use the UDK option to remove all tints (including material tints) to get the closest match to the Warden Commander armor set.

Release History
- added UDK support (tint maps)
- removed Gray Warden Runic versions since that armor set now comes with its own matching shields
- added Awakening support with upgraded stats

- changed item variation IDs to avoid mod conflicts
- added black retextures of Grey Warden Runic shields

- renamed to Warden Shields
- redid textures at double the resolution with the intent of improving the look of the details, as well as more closely matching the normal/specular response of the armors; the improvements should be particularly noticeable in conversations and cutscenes
- also included medium resolution versions
- added custom icons

- added kite and targe versions
- added Grey Warden's Runic versions
- updated to use PRCSCR
- texture updates to tower version
- reduced base cost

- initial release