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Variation of the "Warden Equipment Set"

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Variation of the "Warden Equipment Set". It is based on the "Effort" armor and "Duty" helmet, the original swords that were used as a base are "Topsider's Honor" and "Summer Sword".

Credits go to Teraki for the "story" and items descriptions.


Attention! To make sure you will receive the armor it is suggested that you install the mod after the character has been created, otherwise it will not appear in your inventory.

If you are using the previous version of this mod, unequip the character and uninstall it before the installation of the latest version to avoid bugs and conflicts.

Install it with the DAupdater:
1. Open the program "daupdater.exe", which is in your "Dragon Age\bin_ship" folder.
2. Click "Select DAZIPS".
3. Locate the "GW_Runic_Armor_v.2.2.dazip" that you downloaded (extract from RAR archive first).
4. Select the ".dazip" file after it has appeared on the list and then press "Install Selected".
5. Launch the game and enjoy :)

The way of installation of the "Dark textures" is the same. Original version must be installed first.

If you created a new character when this mod was already installed, to receive the armor and weapons you have to do the following:
1. Go to "Downloadable content".
2. Disable "Grey Warden Runic Armor" in the mods list.
3. Launch your current game and press "Force load".
4. Save your game.
5. Go to "Downloadable content" list again and enable this mod.
6. Load the game and the items should already be in your inventory.


To uninstall delete the "gw_runic_armor" folder in the "Addins" folder:

C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\AddIns

C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\AddIns

To uninstall the "Dark Textures" just delete "patch_high" and "patch_medium" folders from here:
...\My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\AddIns\gw_runic_armor\core\textures


Q: Armor and weapons lost after Dwarven noble origin.
A: Wait with adding the armor until you have finished the origin, then activate the mod.

Q: Separate items are not showing/looking wrong.
A: There may be some conflicts with other mods (it is noticed it may not work with "Adonnay's Weapon Replacer" and "Duncan's Armor" mods).

Q: Armor and weapons do not appear.
A1: You have to deactivate mod before creating your character, after the character is created and game is saved you can activate it.
A2: There is a rare chance that the mod may not work with some game versions, this is not a bug of the mod, this is a problem of your current game patch. In this case you may try to add the items through console commands by "Additem script" mod from this site (detailed instructions are in mod's page). Here are the items codes for this mod:



Updated to the version 2.2:
1. The story was added to the mod description in the game mods list.
2. Items descriptions had been updated.

Updated to the version 2.1:
Items stats were rebalanced to fit both the original campaign and Awakening.

Updated to the version 2.0:
1. Improved textures.
2. Dark version for all items.
3. New types of shields - Round and Tower shields.
4. Special icons for the armor and weapons.
5. New stats.
6. New tier for the armor - "starmetal".
7. Increased set bonus (-25% fatigue). This bonus is granted if wearing the armor, gauntlets and boots.


Dragon Age Toolset
Photoshop & Nvidia DDS Plugin
DATool - http://social.bioware.com/project/41/
"Retexturing a Armor without Replacing it" blog, - by Krayzie_3334 - http://social.bioware.com/11689/blog/
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"How to add set bonus" tutorial, - by _Divine_Divinity - http://social.bioware.com/609216/blog/1310