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Added: 24/01/2010 - 10:33AM
Updated: 05/03/2010 - 07:53PM

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Last updated at 19:53, 5 Mar 2010 Uploaded at 10:33, 24 Jan 2010

Armor in this mode were made with Warcraf/Warhammer FB style as an inspiration, so, it is completely not true to the DA:O art style. If you find yourself offended by it do not download it and do not complain just give unendorsement.

File History:
24.01.10-Initial release.

24.01.10-Added version for manual installation (installation instructions inside of .zip file).

25.01.10- Due to popular demand added all-new version with full human race support and slightly lowered stats. Look at the new screenshot to seen updated stats.

25.01.10- Added weapon set for Arcane Warriors that match Ivory Tower armor set in look. When dagger and sword equipped simultaneously set bonus of dexterity and magic is provided. For stats and design preview look at the newly uploaded screenshot.

25.01.10-Upload new version that should correct some textures problem.

26.01.10- Added new version with significantly lowered stats. Main metal changed from dragonbone to silverite . For more details look for the new screenshot in the mods gallery.

26.01.10-Added manually installable packages for both versions (normal and lower stats) of 1.2a.

5.02.10- Version 1.3 (.dazip and manual) of The Ivory Tower released. This version should fix LOD bug (model become strangely bend if worn by non player character and looked at from the distance grater than 10 fit). Also you now will be able to store items properly-no new copy will spawn. Also added support for medium resolution textures.

Uninstall any previous version before installation of the new one.

5.02.10- Stats of The Ivory Tower and The Ivory Tower (lowered) gone through some adjustments in v1.3, for further details please look for the newly uploaded images in the mod gallery. Names of item pieces have been changed to better ones. Thanks to Dark_Ansem for this idea.

5.02.10- Version 1.2 (.dazip and manual) of Nightfall Bloom released. Fixed "unable to store, items spawns again" bug. Rune slots are added. Uninstall any previous version before installation of the new one.

5.03.10- Reaploaded all files with new, improved textures. They were made HD and now have new details. Foe further references look in the mods gallery for a new screenshot. Also, added new vender version.

5.03.10- Improved textures on Nightfall Bloom weapons and added shield bearing matching design. Inventory and vender versions are available.


It's known that while having Arcane Warrior mage spec, DA: O does not have armor suitable for it. In vanilla, if you choose to be an Arcane Warrior you are restricted either to Reaper's Vestments (but if you choose to do so you can easily forget the "warrior" part of arcane warrior spec name, because you look like you have just escaped the circus), or standard heavy/massive armor, that has nothing to do with the fact that you are mage. Thank gods for the modmakers whose work brings us many Arcane Warrior armors sets. But I have always found the massive armor models that were used by modders on most occasions, unsuitable for my characters. So I decided that I have to make my own armor set and a friend of mine told me to post it here.

This set is suitable for elven and human mages.All set parts are retextured and have custom icons. Helmet, gloves and boots if worn together, give the wearer a set bonus of fatigue reduction and willpower. If you find stats too/not enough powerful you are free add the ones you like better via The Winter Forge

First mod I've posted to public so comments/suggestions are welcome.

1. Download the .dazip file.
2. Run Daupdater.exe (It is in your program folders "dragon age origins\bin_ship" folder) or use DAModder.
3. Install The Ivory Tower v.0.1.dazip
4. Run DA: O, if you load the saved game, armor will show up in your inventory, if you starting a new one disable The Ivory Tower in your DLC menu, create character, enter game, save and exit game, enable The Ivory Tower mod in your DLC menu once again and load the game.
5. Have fun.


1.Uncheck the module in the in-game "Downloaded Content" menu.
2.Than go to your \ My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\AddIns directory and delete the_ivory_tower, nightfall_bloom or both folders.
3.After this is done go to \ My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\data and delete .ERF files that are called like folders that you previously deleted in you AddIns directory.

If you use DAModder just uninstall via its menu.


Comment/PM me here on the Nexus.

Tutorials used:
Krayzie_3334, Retexturing a Armor without Replacing it
Adinos, Easier creation of retextured models
weriKK, Custom Player Items

You may use this however you want.
Please do not re-host this file without my permission.