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Equips Grey Warden characters with Grey Warden uniforms. Requires warden armours by tmp7704.

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I fell in love with the Grey Wardens of Ferelden mod the first time I saw a screenshot of the Warden and Alistair in uniform. But the more I dug into the details of the mod, the more things I found that I wanted to change. So I went back to the original warden armours mod, and created an add-on that worked the way I wanted it to.

If you install this mod, you’ll receive a set of Warden Scout armor after the Joining ceremony is complete. If you would prefer heavy armor or mage robes, there are replacements for rewards_wdn.gda in the optional files section. If you have the Warden’s Keep DLC, you’ll find more powerful versions of each type of armor in the Party Storage Chest. You’ll also find them in the Grey Warden Vault in Denerim, in a chest in Redcliffe Castle before the final battle, and in the Party Storage Chest in Awakening.

Things I Changed:
  • The armor in this mod can only be worn by Grey Wardens.
  • It has the same strength requirement as armor in the original game.
  • It has no item properties, apart from a bonus for wearing a complete set.
  • Warden Scout armor has been changed from medium to light.
  • There are no weapons, helmets, or massive chestpieces in this mod.
  • This mod makes very few changes to NPC weapons. In particular, Duncan is equipping his iconic sword and dagger, so that players with Return to Ostagar will recognize those weapons when they find them.