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Switches Nelaros to Nesiara so female Tabris can get gay married <3

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Hi! This is my first ever attempt at modding, so it's very messy, sorry.

This mod changes Nelaros to a female elf + gives her Nesiara's head morph. I've also tried to edit dialogue as much as possible to acknowledge that Tabris is getting married to a woman.

In the conversation with Soris and Valora + the first half of the wedding cutscene, Nelaros will use Nesiara's voice, but unfortunately it will revert back to Nelaros' near the end of the kidnapping scene. (I've added an alternate file which lets Nelaros keep her default voice)

There are a few instances of Nesiara being referred to as "he", but for the most part I've tried to avoid that.

Thank you so much to Sapphim + the dragon age modding discord, I would never have been able to figure any of this out without them!

Special thanks to Tinimaus, who's been an incredible help with fixing up this mod!