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Some items in Awakening add properties that actually do nothing. This mod attempts to address these.

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Not normally obvious, More Detailed Tooltips makes it clear that a few items add properties that, in reality, do not a thing. These are:

Daisycutter - marked as "Telekinetic", which was never even intended for use by items as their own property but instead was to be applied with the Telekinetic Weapons spell, MDT reveals this property adds precisely 0 points of Armor Penetration. This mod gives it a +5 on this stat.
Dragonspite - this shortbow is supposed to "Reduce Hostility", but this property by itself only does anything at all if it is given a power rating according to MDT. With this mod, it removes 4 points of Threat per second just for being held.
Talisman of Restoration - same as Dragonspite, it got "Reduce Hostility" on it but 0 power to go with it; with this mod, 9.5 Threat value is subtracted from the wearer per second.

Just install it to your "%userprofile%\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\core\packages\override\" folder. Delete to uninstall. NOTE: Does not retroactively affect instances of the items already obtained in a current playthrough - this is because when an item is spawned in the game, it is created based on the Item Template file (UTI) and then saved in this state to your save game file.

Thanks to Ace Yenster for making me aware of this bug and providing screenshots.