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Some new clothing outfits for Dalish characters.

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Always thought it was funny that Dalish elves wear the same clothing as city elves (and even some humans).   So, I did some ports & mashups from the outfits of non-city elves from Inquisition. 

There are three models, with four different color variations for each, for EM & EF, as well as two for kids, with two colors each.   Files included to put them on various clothing-wearing Dalish characters. 
Should be installed before visiting Zathrian's camp for the first time (or before going back to Clan Sabrae, if playing as a Dalish PC), otherwise the adults' outfit changes will not entirely take effect.  (child appearances work differently and can be installed at any time)

Each model is in a separate folder (along with the NPCs wearing it) for easy customization & conflict-finding. 

Optional folder included to redress a Dalish PC in clothing upon return to Clan Sabrae, so it doesn't seem like they've been convalescing for two days fully equipped with all their gear.  :p

Conflicts:  will conflict with anything else that uses clothing_variation.gda #s 159, 216, & 247, or apr_base #s 30015-30018.  Will also conflict with various other re-dressing mods.  You'll have to decide which edits you prefer for each overlapping character, and delete the ones you don't want.  (Duplicate Search Tool is pretty great for that)

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Some screenshots taken with Flycam.