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EF Hair | band made to match Grey Warden Armour

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Ciri's Headband | EF Only

⚘ band made to match Grey Warden Armour

⚘ slight clipping in the back with bun and ties (might fix later if it ends up bothering me but no promises)

⚘ sources: Cirilla’s Hair, Saskia’s Headband // thank you Jenya66 and Boodrl for providing me with permission to upload my edit of their awesome mods.


Make sure to download Jenya66's Cirilla's Hair as it contains the needed material and texture files; [ex. pn_har_Ciri.mao and uh_hairCiri_0d.dds] inorder for my mod to show up correctly in your game.

: copy and paste under <hairs>  for  <elf_female> in your chargenmorphcfg

  <resource name="ef_har_Cirillaband_0" cut="1" />

ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ Notes:

This is my first hair mod that I have successfully completed (meaning not having my warden walking around with a missing/invisible scalp and hair)! Super excited to have finally learned how to properly use the Dragon Age Blender plugin. It was quite the learning curve but I am so thankful to all the modders that had put out tutorials - as they were quite honestly lifesavers lol. I would have been completely clueless without them.