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Replacers for most of the staves in the game, using the DAI versions. Glowy! And shiny!

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Staves should glow.  Because magic.  Now they do. 

Replaces the vanilla staves with the DAI models/textures, with added emissive (glow) maps for the staves that didn't already have one. 
Includes all staves except staff 3 (the branch staff), because there wasn't a reasonable way to work in some glowy areas (commanderstrawberry did a DAI retexture for it, though). 
The darkspawn staff doesn't have a DAI version, so I chose a suitably creepy substitute.

Install in the override.  Can be installed/uninstalled at any time.  Replacements are modular, so you can easily remove any you don't want.

Will conflict with anything else that replaces staff models.  Retextures will be fine (you won't see them, but there won't be any weird glitches or anything).

Optional files:  Three additional staves from Inquisition, (optionally) put on some rarer unique staves.  Will conflict with anything else that edits those staves (file list included), or that uses staff_variation.gda #s 221, 222, or 223.