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This mod contains 2 files. One removes the green visual effect on the master ranger pets. The other changes the master ranger wolf summon to be a regulr wolf skin instead of a blight wolf.

Permissions and credits
The no ranger summon VFX folder removes the green visual stripe effect on your master ranger summons. 
The no master blight wolf summon changes it to a regular wolf instead. It will still have the new stats and abilities, like the blight wolf master summon. It will simply be a stronger version of the previous one with the same skin.

If you have another mod that adjust the summons 2DA file, it may not be compatible with this one. Instead, I suggest getting the GDApp, open the file from the GDApp and adjust the wolf_blight.utc to wolf.utc in masterTemplate and then save. This will change the skin for your mod in that case. 

Installation - Extract the files and place the one you want, or both, into your override folder.

Removing them from your override folder will uninstall the mod and the vanilla effects will be restored.