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The mod changes 3 types of combat sounds. It changes the claw sound effect to be, in my opinion, more vicious and satisfying. It also changes the sound effect for when you are hit with an arrow or projectile to be more satisfying. Finally, it changes the crossbow fire sound effect, that was essentially completely silent, for the bow fire sound.

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My plan was to replace the crossbow fire sound effect, which is almost non-existent in vanilla, with a new sound effect. Unfortunately, that turned out to be very difficult, if not impossible for me at least, but I instead made a simple mod that replace a few sound effects with other ones that already exist in the game.

The only sound change for the crossbow is when you actually fire the bolt, the reload and such will have the same sound as before. The bow fire sound is just a little more loud and better imo, but not as good as the one I had first intended to use however. It's a small improvement imo though.

The other effects are in the sound_weapon_hits_A.GDA. The claw sound effect in the vanilla game is more of a pounding or hammer type of sound effect. I replaced it with one that sounds a bit more like slash or swipe attack, which is more satisfying imo. This will affect all creatures in the game that has the claw weapon, such as wolves, bears, dogs, dragonlings etc. It will affect your animal summons as well.

Finally, it also changes the sound effect for when you or an enemy is hit by a projectile. This was intended for arrows, but it also affects projectiles from the mage staff as well. In my opinion it makes arrows sound much better on impact, heavier and more vicious. The sound may not be quite right for a staff projectile, but it didn't sound bad at all in my opinon, and you probably wont notice that much anyway. 

Installation - Extract the files and place the Combat_Sounds folder into your override.

If you don't like it, simply remove it from your override and the vanilla sounds will be restored. 

It modifies the sound weapon hits and sound weapon actions 2DA files, and will not be compatible with anything that also adjust them, which I doubt are many mods at all.

Please let me know if you think the mod is amazing or terrible, I like to hear your opinion.

Edit: Added version 1.2. I improved several sounds that plays when they impact a specific armor type. Please download the latest version if you have an old one.