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Changes the color, improves the quality and makes the armor more realistic.Supports all armor options.

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Grey Wardens of Ferelden Retexture

This server is primarily a warm place for all fans, here you can express your thoughts, share ideas and find new friends. It is also planned to release an improved version of DAO here, which, due to a huge number of mods, will become closer to the last parts of the legendary series.
Dragon Age Origins Remaster Project
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Changes in version 1.1
-Added textures for Origin Unique Grey Warden armour

This mod uses edited resources from Glimmering Griffons 

If you need original textures and shine, you will find it here.

Required Mods:

Grey Wardens of Ferelden (Core Mod GWoF - REQUIRED) or tmp7704's Warden Armours 

Recommended Mods:
Dalish Warden Outfits (If you need more armor options)
Origin Unique Grey Warden armour (If you need more armor options)


Extract the folder from the archive and place it in the override folder. 
Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override

Warden armours by tmp7704 
Glimmering Griffons by MicroWarrior 
Grey Wardens of Ferelden by NeoKingArthur

Useful information:
When you have installed mods from the requirements, you can get these armor sets using the console:
runscript givewardenarmors
runscript give_dalishwarden
runscript get_funwarden