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A new face for Marjolaine in the Leliana's Song DLC and the original campaign.. Also a new outfit to choose: with or without weapons, as in vanilla

Permissions and credits
In the main archive - Marjolaine without weapon. Optionally, you can find two options: standart long bow or Marjolaine's Recurve. For the second one, you will need to install the file from the mod at the end of the required list.
In miscellaneous - mrh files. So that you can change hairstyles and textures to your liking.

Install the utc BEFORE the starting Leliana's Song and BEFORE the first arrival in Denerim. Also, when installing utc with bows, it is worth knowing that they are in the inventory. So they should not be visible at the meeting.

I created these morphs for myself personally and I will be glad if someone else will be interested in them! It may seem to many that there are too many necessary mods.

I will be glad of your comments and screenshots using my morph!

Don't forget to endorse this mod if you liked it! If you are not satisfied with something, leave
your comment so that I know what I should work on in order to improve.


DAO Toolset Headmorph Unlocked - Duplicate Morph Targets
Real Pigment – A Skin Tint Fix - Standalone textures - soft makeup
Witcher Inspired morps - Without Realistic Teeth: uh_hed_yenn
SJCs Tints and Textures - Skins > Vanilla teeth > uh_hed_cutekida
TH Eye Textures  - pn_eye_thlbrown3_0d
Calpernia Circlet 
LOTCs Female Eyelashes  - pf_ulm_l2b_0d
LookHair! - SkySims’s 270
LookHair! - NewSea’s Aroma

Witcher Pack - Anna dresses: black & Nilfgaard armor > Syanna armor
Marjolaine - with weapons OPTIONAL: You need ONLY den250ip_chest_iron.utp from any main archive in order not to get two Marjolaine's Recurve if you install the "ALT utc - Marjolaine's Recurve".


Extract the folder from the archive and place it in the override folder (My
Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override)
Make sure you don't have any other Marjolaine morphs!


Just delete the folder from your override

Don't forget to support the authors of the mods needed for the morph! Without them, nothing would have happened!