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Darkens complexion of all Antivans and integrates all Antivan Crows with themiscyra's Crow Assassin's Armor

Permissions and credits
Skin Tone Adjustments
Darkens skin tones of all Antivans to have the same skin tone as Zevran. Oren is somewhere in between. I didn't make any other changes to the morphs for the most part, besides giving Oriana a darker hair color that didn't make her eye brows invisible. The two Crow elves in Zevran's fade nightmare as well as one of Taliesen's underlings use danexuslurker's Ferelden Elves - DA2 Style morphs instead.

Head Swaps
Changes Crows with generic heads pulled from random NPCs to heads pulled from other Crows. Includes change to make Ignacio's two thug bodyguards explicitly Antivan Crows (they could just be hired thugs but I thought this was more flavorful).

Rotate Thugs Fix
Rotate Ignacio's two thugs 180 degrees so they aren't both staring at the wall menacingly.

Crow Assassin's Armor
Equips Zevran, all of Taliesen's squad (including himself), Ignacio's two thugs, and the two Crows in Zevran's fade nightmare in the Crow Assassin's Armor. 
Since this armor set is only wearable by male elves, all of these npcs were converted to male elf (Ears aren't visible so it's not too noticeable, besides everyone being a little shorter). Taliesen has a new morph included to resemble his human morph.  
Zevran wears his Crow Armor when he's recruited and during the Sacred Urn doppelganger fight. If Zevran is not in the party when Taliesen is encountered and he's about to betray the Warden, he will also change into back his Crow Assassin's Armor.
Zevran wears a more balanced "nerfed" version of the Crow Armor at the start of the game (see pictures). The original armor set is found in the crates behind Taliesen in Denerim. Most NPCs wear the nerfed version.

I didn't dress Ignacio, Cesar, or the Disguised Crows in their ironically unsubtle armor.
I also did not consider Zevran's posse in his recruitment ambush to be Antivan or Crows, since all dialogue seems to suggest that Zevran was the only Crow Loghain hired and the decoy woman does not sound Antivan. 

1. Install prerequisites depending on version installed
2. Drop folder in override. I'd recommend keeping the folder named with the "zz_" prefix to override other mods that touch these files.
This mod is modular. That is, you can safely delete any sub-folder along with all of its contents. 

Future Updates
I plan on adding support for Awakening in the future, once I do my next playthrough. I know there's a couple of Crows in there and maybe some other Antivans as well.