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An overhaul enhancement mod for the Circle Of Magi!

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Drag and drop into your override folder, the location for this folder is: 
Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override

Delete the file from your override folder, the location for this folder is: 
Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override


A bit of immersion has been added into the ranks within the circle with a new staff tier system:
Apprentices have a wooden staff,
Mages have the Magisters Staff, 
Senior Mages have a Pyromancers brand as the red/orange staff goes with the senior robes, 
& First Enchanter Irving has... Well... He's got the staff of magister lords!

All NPC's have been looked at and revised and made more aesthetic
I tried to not miss a single one, however if I find one or someone tells me about one I will go back and fix it and update the mod!

Start with what all Apprentices now have... A wooden staff
You also have that ring Irving was going to give you for passing the harrowing as a little starting gift, there's a better one to come for your promotion to a Mage in the ranks!

I also created a reason to get that staff from the Spirit Of Valor!
I always wished to skip getting it as its not very helpful originally, don't worry it still gets taken away!
This isn't a cheat style mod, its an overall balanced enhancement to the people of the circle

I put key characters in a separate file so that if you have a mod already for changing a characters look then you can just remove my version of specific characters and use the one you want to use but give it a go and if yours/another mod is better in your eyes by all means use whatever mods you want! Its your game!!

There is a tranquil file contained which can be deleted if you are using the tranquil brands mod as I know for many its a must have, I've kept the files organised in folders so its easy to find a file you don't want and remove it

Any Suggestions are welcomed!
Calandrax - Thank you for pointing out a compatibility issue and also resolving it, not only this but shared the file with me so I could share it with everyone else, any mods affecting the rewards from quests are now compatible!

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