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Two different solutions to Anora's weirdly inconsistent guard armor during Save the Queen.

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Urgent Anora
I found it strange Anora would stop to change into her dress before running so urgently to tell Eamon the Warden has been captured, so I made this simple change. Anora will remain in her guard disguise for this scene. She will still be wearing her normal noble robes in all other instances.

Honest Anora
The more I think about the Anora disguise scene, the less it makes sense.
Where did Anora find that armor set? Locked in her bedroom with her? Did she kill a guard? By this point the rest of the party have already been forcibly changed out of their guard armor back into their normal gear so Anora just looks out of place being the only one in disguise.

From the Conversation with Anora in her disguise:
Warden: "Why are you dressed like that?"
Anora: "Because there are two sorts of people in this house: those loyal to Howe, and those loyal to me. If Howe's people find me, I'll be killed. And my people will insist on escorting me back to the palace... where my father may also have me killed."

This sounds reasonable enough, though in reality you are captured 20 ft away by Ser Cauthrien, who neither kills nor escorts Anora, even when she explicitly comes forward and speaks for herself. What was the point of Anora wearing the armor in the first place? Probably just so BioWare writers could make that Star Wars reference.

This version changes disguised Anora back into whatever outfit is defined in her UTC. It also modifies the two dialogue options that reference the outfit: 
"Aren't you a little short for a guard?" -> "Aren't you a little short for a queen?" 
"Why are you dressed like that?" -> "Why do we need to sneak you out?"

Simply add to your override to install. Urgent Anora and Honest Anora are obviously incompatible with each other.