Dragon Age: Origins
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Just a griffony staff for a mage warden

Permissions and credits
This is a staff for a mage Warden. It's shiny and it has a griffon on the top.
Inspired by Shanamah's excellent Instruments of the Warden Mage.
It uses the same stats as the Enchanter Staff. It will also tint based on what metal it's made of.

Texture is 2k since you see it over your shoulder constantly.

I also added in the optional files a .uti replacer for the staff that comes with Grey Wardens of Ferelden.

Technical Info
Staff uses Item variation 78

How to Install
Unzip and place folder into your My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override folder.
If using the .uti replacer, make sure it loads alphabetically after your Grey Wardens Of Ferelden file folder or it won't show up.

Type runscript get_cs_wardenstaff into the console to get the staff.