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Simply allows you to skip the prelude without losing out on any quests, codex, items, experience, and most importantly: vital plot items.

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A mod doesn't exist that allows you to skip the prelude WITHOUT losing out on quests (both main and side), codex entries, unique items, etc. So I made one. This was completely made on impulse. I've no impulse control, obviously... Plus I really needed a mod like this to exist.

What It Does Exactly:

At the end of your origin, instead of immediately jumping to Ostagar and beginning the prelude, a dialogue box will open up asking if you want to skip the prelude. If you hit yes, it will then ask what morality you want for your warden, which will change the side quests accordingly to fit your warden's personality.

If you have the mod Grey Wardens of Ferelden, it will detect the warden gear given to you by that one and automatically equip you with it. It will no longer do this. There is so many different versions of the warden gear available on the nexus. I've removed that part so that there won't be any potential issues in the long-run. Plenty of mods on here can still make it function the exact same way, such as "Of Ferelden", which alters the ritual script itself to automatically equip the player in the warden gear.

If you have the mod The Rescue at Ishal, it will still play out.

You will keep all of the unique items, such as Hardy's belt, Ser Garlen's sword, etc, and all of the crafting materials (11 elfroot and 6 deathroot). But for all of the other loot, I can't account for so many different possibilities since loot is randomized, so I replaced that headache with 10 gold. We're gonna pretend that the warden found some high quality stuff and then impulsively sold all of it.

All of the codex you could possibly obtain during the prelude will be granted to you. This includes creature and item codex.

I manually tallied the possible experience earned. Rogues get a little more experience for the locked chests and traps, which were also manually tallied.

Good Morality:

Bad Morality:

To Install:

1.) Just slap it in to your override folder.