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Super Niche Reason I made this Mod, but just swaps out the Grey Warden Sword and Templar Shield Alistair starts game with, and gives him a basic sword and shield of the same strength instead.

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Made this for myself, as when I use the mod "Grey Wardens of Ferelden" I like to delete certain files from it, so that no grey warden weapons or armor show up except for the Wardens Keep and Awakening DLCs. I like to do it, so that it fits the immersion of the world properly, since in Origins no one recognises you as a grey warden.

Only issue, is that Alistair will still have a fancy new Grey Warden Sword from the mod, and thus I learned how to use the Dragon Age Toolset just so I could fix this one tiny problem. And here we are. Feel free to do the same if your keen, otherwise I really can't imagine what use you could possibly get from this mod lol.

Just place this in your override folder to install.

Two Versions, one that ONLY replaces his sword, and one that does the sword and shield together.