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Expand the adventures of the Grey Warden by further exploring the dangerous streets of Denerim. Rumors of elves seeking to continue their bloody rebellion haunt the minds of Denerim citizens after a rash of murders in a back alley. A maleficar eluding capture by templars is only compounding the troubles. An add-in for the official DA campaign.

Permissions and credits
Allow your Grey Warden to explore Denerim further with Alley of Murders. Experience the dangerous underbelly of Denerim's streets by investigating a series of murders that will see you battle thieves, murderers, darkspawn and more.

Even in the troubled times of a blight, Denerim is a dangerous place. Word has reached your ears of problems occuring in a district near the Denerim market. The murders of several people has the populace on edge, as there are rumors that at least one elf from the alienage has escaped and is seeking to continue the rebellion, one corpse at a time.

Even worse, a deadly maleficar is known to be in the area, but all efforts by the templars to bring the mage to justice have proven fruitless. Everyone fears to think what might happen should the templars continue to fail in this task.

This module is an add-in for the main single player campaign of Dragon Age origins.

Watch the trailer on youtube.

Also available on the BioWare social site.


* Choices and consequences: Your actions could result in saving the lives of others, or causing their deaths.
* Full VO: Every character the player can talk to is fully voiced.
* Integration into the main campaign: Some companions will interject during the adventure, and your actions within the main story can cause others to react differently to you.
* 30 - 60 minutes of gameplay.


Credits & Cast:
Lieutenant Harsen: KingEtzel
Galmar: danien.grey
Tyria: Lucy_glitter
Elsylmun: AmstradHero
Barkeeper: Uneedusman
Safin: Dan Garrison (aka Lao Dan)
Fatheren: TheIceNinjaProjects
Osen: Lathaon
Guards: RisenChudJr

All design, writing and scripting by AmstradHero. Please do not copy or reproduce without authorisation.

Thanks to all who provided support and encouragement during the development process.

Uses level layouts from Dragon Age single player campaign.

Please check out my blog for development updates and other news.


Installation Notes:

You will need to install the module using daupdater.exe, then start the game. If you do not know how to do this, a guide can be found here: http://www.dragonagenexus.com/articles/article.php?id=19

To be able to start the Add-In, Lothering must be destroyed, and you must not yet have access to the alienage.

In order to start the quests in the module, travel to the Market District within Denerim. Note that if you are already in the market district or one of its areas, you will need to leave the area and return. Simply going to the player's camp and then returning to Denerim will suffice. A sign will appear within the market district that will grant access to the areas of the Add-In.


Release notes

1.02: Added icon for main menu and "Story So Far" text, Tavern owner will now buy and sell all items. Minor aesthetic improvements to conversations.

1.01e: Added an autosave trigger. Slightly increased the difficulty of the arcane horror and "boss" fights. Fixed one spelling and one grammar mistake. Fixed an issue with visibly falling bodies.

1.01d: Removed one arcane horror from a fight in response to player feedback. Fixed initial conversation with Harsen so elves and dwarves have more than one option. Fixed grammatical error in a journal entry for 'Stained Blood' quest. Added in two custom items as rewards for completing quests.

1.01c: Added extra plot assist marker for 'Stained Blood' quest after several players had difficulty continuing the quest. Fixed possible dialog inconsistency.

1.01b: Minor grammatical changes to ensure consistency with main single player campaign.

1.01a: Fix for potential crash issue.

1.01: Fix for area transition issue.

1.00: Initial release