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8 new spells with custom VFX.

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8 new mage spells. You can find these on any mage, in the new Haze category.

**Weapon Drawn File*** Optional file, similiar to the arcane warrior fix mod. After installing main mod, unzip the abi_base_haze into documents>bioware>dragonage>addins>haze_spells>module>override


These spells come with custom visual effects/textures.

****FIRST LINE****
Bolt - Spirit Damage + HP Regen bonus to caster.
Cone - Spirit Damage + Knockdown
Buff - Grants the mage a huge bonus to evasion for a short duration.
AoE - Spirit Damage + Silence + Slow, but greatly increases defense while engulfed.

****SECOND LINE****This line may be slightly overpowered**
Buff - Speed/Armor Boost
Burst - Single Target paralyse + area knockdown.
AoE - Root + Stamina drain
Flare - Single Target + Long term damage.

If you wish to add these via the developer's console, use...

runscript addtalent 477777
runscript addtalent 477778
runscript addtalent 477779
runscript addtalent 477780

runscript addtalent 477773
runscript addtalent 477774
runscript addtalent 477775
runscript addtalent 477776

Should have no compatibility issues with other mods.