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Makes tmp7704's Isabela variation outfit useable with all head morphs, plus general fixes

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I have always liked tmp7704's mod Isabela variation, as it added unique personality to Isabela's Origins cameo without giving her exactly the same outfit she had in the sequels.
However the original was only intended to work with the headmorph it included, so I have made some edits. Now it can be used with any headmorph with any hairstyle, accessory or skin colour. (Although unfortunately I have no save file to take pictures of Isabela in the Pearl.)

  • Removes the earring mesh attached to the clothing
  • Enables skin tinting
  • Higher quality textures and texture lods
  • UTI edit for improved tinting for the outfit and removed the Duelist only restriction on the weapons
  • Added script to add it to player's inventory.
  • Changed item variation ID of dagger so it no longer clashes with Grey Wardens of Ferelden mod.

Mod info
clothing variation id: 186
longsword variation id: 178
dagger variation id: formerly 177, now 114

Please ensure there is no issue with your installation of the original mod before reporting any bugs here. For example, seeing if the issue
persists when you take this folder out of your override.

How to Install

Install Isabela variations dazip with your mod manager.

Download this mod and put the folder anywhere in your My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override.

If you prefer any other Isabela headmorph from a different mod, download that and put it in your override too.
UTC edits to Isabela will override tmp7704's Isabela variation however, so they are not compatible.

To give yourself the outfit (human females only) and weapons, type runscript get_tmpisa into the console.
To install the 4k textures in optional files, drag and drop them into the Textures folder to overwrite the files.

tmp7704 for his original great mod.